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Help! Has anyone here ever played Angels Online?

ShadowsaraShadowsara Member Posts: 15

imageimageimage, hello, has anyone here ever played Angels Online?

I am a newbie. I have met a question about Angels Online. In order to graduate from the Angel Lyceum, i have to gain 5 credits. However, if i can gain 15 credits, i can take part in the Top Student quest.

Do I have to accept this quest? When i have obtianed 5 credits, i was happy and graduated at once. Do I miss somthing? Are there money, weapons or equipment if i can finish the quest?

Come on, i need your help........Everything about the Top Student quest is OK!



  • sunrayssunrays Member Posts: 3

    hi, lol

    i have been playing AO since it's closed beta and i have to say that it's a really nice game.

    As to the top student task, to be frank, it is really a little bit hard for a newbie at your level to solo. It's a teamwork. You could group up with other newbies and go to chanllenge the boss when collected enough 6 cores. although it's tough, you would get decent rewards.

    The real charming part of AO is not the game itself, but the unforgetable memory of doing your best efforts with team members to defeat the BOSS! And also the totem battle, the fantastic pets and mounts.....
  • skydolphinskydolphin Member Posts: 6

    why not?

    the top students quest could give u a weapon which can use till lv25 or more if u can finish that,otherwise,that's so hard for a newbie to solo the final boss,take care..

  • zoecoolzoecool Member Posts: 15

    yeap, it is first character didn't finish the quest. But i have created another character and passed the quest with the help of friends.  It is really nice..........

  • beckhambeckham Member Posts: 68

    why not ask for more information from the game's official website?

  • bakerboi2008bakerboi2008 Member Posts: 2

    if you do the top student quest you will always find players there who can help you out some aroun lvl 25 so it can be easy all you get is a top student weapon which is red and is stronger than the weapon you can buy and the copper axe,sword,spear you can make so i would say do the quest it gives you time to lvl  more anyway so you would be at an advantage when you graduate.

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