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well done enjoymmo, another great game

harshskaterharshskater ansonia, CTMember Posts: 61

i've been playing closed beta bout a month now, game's pretty much brand new and all i hav to say is that it's amazing

it's one of the future great mmorpgs, needs little bit of work still. but that's wut cb2 is here for, come test and hav fun


  • RespyShuntRespyShunt Baltimore, MDMember Posts: 396

    i thought about trying the game.  Looked decent.  i heard people talking and saying they felt like there was no point because you can just set up your auto grind action and watch.  I havent had success with those 2d games either,  Darkeden, Skyblade Philipines.  Online one i liked was Goonzu online, now that was a classic


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