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Your first MMORPG?



  • frankyclamfrankyclam Member Posts: 5

    Ragnarok Online - It was still on Beta when I first played this game and I got addicted, there was still no choices to play mmorpg here in our country. But I don't regret playing this game coz' it introduces me to the world of mmo's.

  • liamkincaidliamkincaid Member UncommonPosts: 27

    My first one was WOW

  • BakoryoBakoryo Member UncommonPosts: 469

    My first impression of the whole mmo community was Everquest. I've never had so much fun playing a game before. Everquest back then was probably the shizzle for everyone and there was so many people playing. Even though i didn't play that long (a week or two tops)  I stil got a taste of the mmo's.

    The game i can really call my first is Ragnarok Online. Ive been playing since.. Well, as old this account is to now really. Heck, even longer than this account.. Love the old days of Iro. 10-20k people on each server and prontera practically impossible to move in due to all the shops :D

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  • KarlinatorKarlinator Member Posts: 9

    My first was RuneScape and i still play it from time to time after 5 years. But I'm looking for a new game now.

  • sissiy110sissiy110 Member Posts: 6

    my first mmorpg is shadow of long as i played, i can't stop.oh my god, my parents must  have worried my indulgence~haha

  • nickelpatnickelpat Member Posts: 661

    My first MMORPG was RuneScape, I'd still consider it one of the better games. The world is pretty big, no download, and it incorparates many of the features of these "Revolutionary" FTP games like RoM. It doesn't half bad (For a Java MMORPG) with the new graphics update. But, I quit that. Moved onto WoW for a couple months, quit. Started Tabula Rasa then. While playing Tabula I passed through 2 months of SWG and 1 month of EQII. Stil love EQII, may go back now that Tabula shut down. Even with RMTs, I think I can live with it. Currently playing City of Heroes, Tabula Rasa (until the day it dies), LOTRO, and a one month sub to WoW which I am not renewing, a friend begged me to come back for a month though.

    Out of the lot I enjoyed Tabula Rasa the best, but still think EQII captured the 'living in a virtual world' feel along with Star Wars Galaxies. Something I would love to have again.

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  • baby888baby888 Member Posts: 3

    my 1st mmorpg is world of warcraft. lots of my friends play and enjoy the game, and as a result, the recommend it to me

  • forgetforget Member Posts: 3

    My first is's still favoured by ,me

  • hanchenchenhanchenchen Member Posts: 1

    my first mmorpg is RO. But i think now i'll try more other games listed here

  • theJPKtheJPK Member Posts: 91

    My first MMO was Runescape in the year 2004, I played for about 2 years mostly because I didn't even know there were any better MMORPGs available. It was a decent game though, although it had a lot of really lame people and a bot here and there I cannot imagine myself starting my MMO hobby anywhere else.

    It is what really got me into PvP(suprisingly). I would grind mining and woodcutting endlessly just so I could buy food and armor to Pk with my friends. It made me realize that even with the most medicore PvP system I would still do whatever I could to be the shark.

    Although I do sometimes wish I was really in the MMO community when Shadowbane and Everquest were the big thing. I didnt really become an MMO player until mid-2007.

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  • cathy55cathy55 Member Posts: 4

    i have my first mmorpg try to the RO. At that time , i enjoyed it very much . however, as time goes by, i have changed my taste.

  • dedetudedetu Member Posts: 1

    i even can't remember what my first mmorpg is , since i really don't know what kind of game should be called mmorpg

  • guyan812guyan812 Member Posts: 4

    Lord of Rings is my first mmorpg

  • 1-8-71-8-7 Member Posts: 74

    Ultima Online

  • abyss610abyss610 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,131

    umm if you count it Phantasy Star Online for the old dreamcast console,don't think i count it as a real mmo tho.

    first real MMO would be Ever Quest Online Adventures for PS2 loved that game alot of great memories.

  • xaldraxiusxaldraxius Member Posts: 1,249

    Asheron's Call.

  • elisa16elisa16 Member Posts: 2

    it should go back to the age of 2D

  • ZadertonZaderton Member UncommonPosts: 2

     My first MMORPG that i ever played and it was 4 years ago when i started to play online games, the game name was Prison-Tale, very amazing game, i remember myself little kid watching my friend killing Hopies or something like this (the people who played this is the jumpy lowest lvl monster that u see out side the city), so yea... i really liked that game and willing to play when PT2 will get out for free or just for trying, maybe buy it.



  • HalahazamHalahazam Member Posts: 9
    Originally posted by IceAge

    My first MMo ? Well back in 2000 , runescape and in that time I didn't knew the word "mmorpg" :)


    Exactly the same at me :P

    But then when I knew what MMORPG ment and such, I guess it was.. Umm... Not sure.. But I think it was.. Ehh.. Maplestory?


  • kingfelixkingfelix Member UncommonPosts: 214

    SWG. Ever since that game met it's notorious fate, I have wandered the wasteland of MMOs in search of something to fill the void. When will this journey end, I ask you?

  • TealaTeala Member RarePosts: 7,627

    My first was Red Dragon Inn - AOL, and then couple of MUDS, then moved onto Gemstone III and UO, then Everquest and then Asheron's Call.    Me <<< oldschool gamer girl.   ::huge grin::

  • kingfelixkingfelix Member UncommonPosts: 214
    Originally posted by Teala

    My first was Red Dragon Inn - AOL, and then couple of MUDS, then moved onto Gemstone III and UO, then Everquest and then Asheron's Call.    Me <<< oldschool gamer girl.   ::huge grin::

    I remember the Red Dragon Inn. I guess that would be my first actual online role playing experience as well.

  • Death1942Death1942 Member UncommonPosts: 2,587

    my first was SWG on a machine that could barely run it.  I got to play for a grand total of 1 week (pre cu) then (after much pain and torment) managed to get back on for 3 days (post cu) only to have my computer fail on me and then (sometime later) i managed to get on a day before the NGE (i'm so lucky).

    so all up i played SWG for 1 week and 4 days before the game changed.

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  • fyerwallfyerwall Member UncommonPosts: 3,240

    My first MMO was Ultima Online. I tried a few text MUDs back in the day as well, but never really stuck with them due to the horrible net we had and my sisters friends calling every 3 minutes knocking me offline. By the time I finally got a ddicated phone line for the net I was into UO.

    From UO I followed the MMO trail; UO to EQ, EQ to DAoC Beta/AC Beta, Then AC for a bit while playing AO and EQ, etc etc.

    UO and AO are still my favorites due to character advancement via skill points. EQ was great due to the community and difficulty of some of the content. AC was pure community greatness.

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  • slayerlifeslayerlife Member Posts: 1

    My first game was Diablo 2 that i think roules  then after that i tried Diablo 1.... it was fun but it was realy boring that you coulden't run! How did they think when the made that

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