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Your first MMORPG?



  • pennyw1sepennyw1se Member Posts: 1

    My first mmo was Star Wars Galaxies. Got it back in 2003. Played up until NGE. It was fun and challenging before NGE. Downloaded the trial the yesterday I dont like how you can choose jedi as a profession now. I leveled to 20 in 2 1/2 hours last night on my first go at it. it's too easy now there is really no need for groups anymore. But it was good to see all my old houses and stuff still there from my actual account. I want my Teras Kasi back but that class no longer exists.

    From there I went to EQ2 loved the game but just cant afford to pay to play at this time.

    Other than those 2 thats the only ones i've played.

  • PerjurePerjure Member UncommonPosts: 249


  • alz3abialz3abi Member Posts: 12

    my first mmo was Pristontale 1 , i reached lvl 74 then i quit and now im looking for PT2 ;)..

  • kokoro-chinkokoro-chin Member Posts: 181

    I'm new at the online gaming scene and my first and current game is Atlantica. A friend recommended it to me since he knows I'm into Final Fantasy and was trying to convince me to try online gaming as well. He was raving that the game was really similar to the series. So far, I'm enjoying it and thinking of trying other online games.

  • JindamanJindaman Member Posts: 4

    Final Fantasy XI

  • dunodontcaredunodontcare Member Posts: 10

    My first would be MU. Played it because it looked a lot like Diablo. Though as I played through the game I realized it was something a combination of many different worlds.

    Don't believe in anything that you see the first time.

  • guitarcrashguitarcrash Member Posts: 20

    That would be Raganarok from 2002 or something. Back then pay to play was heavy on my pocket as I was stil a student so circumstances forced me to quit.

    When I hold my guitar, I become a different person.

  • RhahRhah Member Posts: 3
    Originally posted by Thillian

    It was 3030 Battletech MUD in 1995.


    I was begining to wonder if I was the only one who started on MUDs and MUCKs...


    DizzyMUD in 1995-1996

    Good Ole Days...

  • Zayne3145Zayne3145 Member Posts: 1,448

    My first experience of an online roleplaying game was something called Wyvern(?) back in 2004 on old skool dial-up. It was pretty poor by all accounts. I REALLY wanted to play UO at the time but couldn't afford the subscription.

    WoW was my first MMORPG in its truest sense. The only down side is that I now feel like a spoilt child, and nothing since seems to measure up.


  • Rak21Rak21 Member Posts: 3

    My first one was actually WOW. No one believes that I actually play it.

  • alakramalakram Member UncommonPosts: 2,301

    My first one was Lineage 2. Awesome old days...

  • saeazesaeaze Member Posts: 8

    I'm an avid fan of MMORPG's and the first MMORPG game I played is Ragnarok Online..but now I quitted there.

    Currently playing Tantra Global FTW!!

  • EATtheDEADEATtheDEAD Member Posts: 207

    Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds, was my first mmorpg.  It was incredible to me at the time, I played for a long time day and night.... UNTIL!

    EVERQUEST came along and I nearly died of amazement.  3d graphics omg how is that possible!

    nothing i've played since has ever given me the same feeling of excitement and addiction

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    Through strength, I gain power.
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  • csthaocsthao Member UncommonPosts: 1,116

    UO, still the best game I've played, IMO the most content if you look at it skill wise. I made my own quests with my brother and friends. Went out to kill some dragons in Destard Dungeon and lich lords then the constant PKers in Deciet.

    The most memorable time was when my brother first introduced it to me, I had trouble killing a boar and deer LoL. And I logged off the game while an Ogre was chasing me, came back on a few hours later and found myself dead. That's when I started to understand MMO ( I was 13) where the world doesn't stop when you log off. My brother would jsut laugh at me, and tell me to go get res and start over. I was extremely happy when I got my first Exceedingly Accurate Longsword of Vanquishing off an earth elemental in Shame dungeon. 

    My brother and I was able to get a small house 1 screen away from the bank in Brit on the east side. And surprisingly enough I still own that house. Now days cant have any housing inside guard protection. Best times of my life. I was able to manage a B grade point average in school and still have a girlfriend on the side. But now LOL the wife is a pain in the ass. No offense to her though ahaha. 

  • LeyzinhuLeyzinhu Member Posts: 1

    My first MMORPG was R.O.S.E online when it was in beta phase ;D and then I run for a buch of difrent ones, but Im back on WoW for the new expansion

  • dadevilzcrydadevilzcry Member Posts: 2

    Oh god... my first mmorpg was maplestory. Fun at first... but turned out to be a boring game with a horrible community of people. Also there were too many hackers.

  • NullsoldierNullsoldier Member Posts: 14

    My first MMORPG was Ragnarok Online back when they only had 1-1 classes. That was such a good game back in the days. It's been a long time since then. Back then I was all over Counter-Strike 1.6 on WAN and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

  • AntariousAntarious Member UncommonPosts: 2,820

    My first MMO... was Ultima Online (to be technical it was a beta for "habitat" a lucas arts project on quantum link in the 80's but I'll stick with UO).


    I log in and kill small furry animals and get brave enough to head to the grave yard north of Brit.  Up pops "you have gone link dead".  I log back in "you have been murdered".

    That pretty much sums that up and I was going to cancel during my first 30 days.

    Then I met a few people.. formed a guild even tho at the time I don't believe guild stones were in yet.  Decided to fight back aka kill pk's.

    And I quit around the middle of 2002.  UO was the MMO I played for the most consecutive months aka 5'ish years without ever not having an account active.

    I still miss it but the changes to the game were far to many and everyone I knew was long gone by the time I quit.

  • karampotkarampot Member Posts: 8

    I played Ragnarok online as my first MMO.

  • themanagerthemanager Member Posts: 6

    My first mmorpg is ran online, i got addicted. @nd one i'm playing til now is cabal online!

  • grafhgrafh Member UncommonPosts: 320

    shadowbane was my first mmo and i was extremly addicted. way past the point of it being unhealthy...

  • marionboymarionboy Member Posts: 5

    I don't know if gunbound is an mmo but if not then ragnarok is my first game.

  • RocktoberRocktober Member Posts: 118

    My first MMO "attempt" was probably Anarchy Online which didn't last very long.  I then gave a few others a shot, but didn't really get into one until Guild Wars.  Once that got old I gave most of the other big-name MMOs a shot but decided to stick with WoW.. After that I'm now looking to give LotRO another shot, and am excited to try WAR.

    You can't win - if you strike me down I shall respawn more powerful than you could possibly imagine!

  • pomeranianpomeranian Member Posts: 6

    I hateto admit it but gay.

  • EATtheDEADEATtheDEAD Member Posts: 207

    Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds


    was so fuckin addicted to this game, still easily addictive to if i ever went back

    i accidently got my mom hooked on it. she's been playing for 7 years now

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The force shall free me.
    -the Sith code

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