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Your first MMORPG?



  • quickprimequickprime Member Posts: 9

    My first mmo was swg. Just sucks they ruined it nothing I try can compare to what it was or even is in its shitty state im about to re sub again when they fix weaponsmith.

  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

    FFXI Online. A bit of a grind but the journey to the end was alot of fun.

  • LolitaheLolitahe Member Posts: 1

    first game ...mostly like legend....but like WOW most even though i have given it up...working now. there is not much time in gaming. so sad...

  • traquenatraquena Member Posts: 298

    Previously I enjoy playing RO but then many private servers suddenly appear..... Now I'm currently playing neosteam it's really nice even its a grind game anyway grinding is not that bad after all

  • ThillianThillian Member UncommonPosts: 3,156

    It was 3030 Battletech MUD in 1995.


  • IpcryssIpcryss Member UncommonPosts: 169

    Ultima Online, and though it's been over 10 years since I last played it, I'm seriously considering playing it again. With my utter disappointment in AoC and potential delays in WotLK, I may return to UO soon. I have a 65 BE Paladin on WoW right now. If WotLK isn't out within a month after I've reached 70 I'll be looking for something else to play.


  • TongearTongear Member Posts: 1

    i was allowed to play games just one year mother...- -|~|   and the first MMO for me is friends introduce it to me~ and i also like it very well. it's really a good game~!

  • mikule1mikule1 Member Posts: 8

    Well i remember that my first serious mmorpg what i played like 4 years a row was "runescape" :P . I thinks it's like 2-3 year back now when i quited from it  .  Theres nothing to talk about it , first u are noob like every ppl here in some game then u get frustrated when u get scammed/hacked or die and lose stuff . Then u get better and better until u know everything about this game and it gets boring and u quit and think what a waiste of a time it was :P .

  • KaltesHerzKaltesHerz Member Posts: 237

    UO was my first, played up to a few months after the Blackthorne's Revenge expansion.

    Then went to AO, but it was so boring, my first introduction to grinding and I disliked it much.

    (a few no name MMO's here, like Dark Seas of Space, and Fighting Fury that no longer exist today)

    Droid Arena was an MMO, but it wasn't RPG and it was a browser game, it was cool till they added in a bunch of borked crap and started stealing ideas from players without acknowledging them.

    (beta'd SWG here)

    Then I found my only true MMO love, Earth and Beyond. I beta'd and then immediately rushed out and bought the game at release. My entire family played it in shifts.  Unfortunately some personal issues made us stop playing and never got back to it before it was shut down by EAxis.

    From there I went to SWG until it got NGE'd

    (add in a few no name MMOs, mostly crappy asian grinders here, and a couple like Auto Assault that no longer exists)

    World of Warcraft goes here

    City of Heros/Villians

    And finally I've worked my way through all the F2P and they all suck.


    I keep track of the EnB emu faithfully, unfortunately it won't run (even in its skeleton form) on my computer. To new I guess.


    Want a taste of religion? Lick a witch.

  • wasiangamerwasiangamer Member Posts: 4

    The first MMORPG that I played was UO, but at the time I wasn't really into gaming on my comp because it was a piece of crap. I was mainly playing console games around the time of UO.

    When WoW first came out I had a much nicer computer and I was really into it. I clocked so many hours on that game and it got me into a lot of trouble because it was so addictive.

  • ceinwenceinwen Member Posts: 36

    Ragnrarok online. world of warcraft second.

  • SkulltrailSkulltrail Member Posts: 2

    First MMORPG? Not pokemon...

    It would be Conquer Online

  • eosyneeosyne Member UncommonPosts: 392

    helbreath international in 2000


  • Rap_boyRap_boy Member Posts: 1

    i have played game for about 6years..however i just spend my time on 2 games. of course check other games as well. ..pity that..not good or not charming for me..first mmo is Magic babe..quite like it..however it's..sad now..

  • silverghostsilverghost Member UncommonPosts: 4

    My first online rpg game was The Realm Online back in 1996. I think it is still up and running to this day....amazing. It is only a 2D game, but is a classic game none the less.

  • lordnymlordnym Member Posts: 10

    Neverwinter Nights on AOL, back in 91'-92'.   Original member of BOP.  Those were the days, of High Adventure!!!! 

  • xagentxagent Member Posts: 66

    My first one that I tried - but at the time wasn't into MMORPGs - was Dark Age of Camelot (my brother played so he asked me to try it).

    Really didn't like the game style; I was a FPS kinda guy, lol.

    Then my brother started playing WoW and for some reason I got real into that MMORPG; and from then on got addicted to the gaming style.

    However; I still keep the FPS games  going for a change fom time to time.

    .:// JDMnet Owner |

  • Ratboy51Ratboy51 Member Posts: 29

    I'm sure you all have heard of it.. My first MMO was RuneScape. I still play it every once an a while.. but when I first started I was ADDICTED. I couldn't stop playing, than finally after a year, I settled down and now I only play about once a week.

    My 2nd MMO was WoW.

    Epic awesome me

  • khelscheesekhelscheese Member Posts: 6

    Ragnarok - I've been famous there


  • metalhead980metalhead980 Member Posts: 2,658


    PLaying: EvE, Ryzom

    Waiting For: Earthrise, Perpetuum

  • Shiningwiz21Shiningwiz21 Member Posts: 4

    My first mmo had to be RuneScape in 2004 when I used to have my crappy computer, and even today I still play it =P

  • AxumAxum Member Posts: 891

    Ragnarok Online



  • JaegarJaegar Member Posts: 45


    Vitanda est improba siren desidia - One must avoid that wicked temptress, Laziness. - Horace

  • AbrahmmAbrahmm Member Posts: 2,448

    My first MMO was Star Wars Galaxies.

    When I started playing it, I didn't even know what an MMORPG was. I went on lucasarts website looking if they had a newer version of the old X-Wing game and I found Jump to lightspeed. That was initially why I even got the game.

    I remember my first thoughts were "Wow I can't believe all  these people are real people that are online and I can interact with"

    I absolutely fell in love with SWG. In fact, while I did go pretty far into the piloting, I ended up neglecting space because I fell so in love with the ground game. The player cities, the skill box set up, the great community, the open world sandbox, I loved it all!

    Unfortunately we all know how SWG was completely destroyed, and I still don't think I have recovered. The game was everything I wanted, an open world sandbox, and star wars on top of that(I love star wars). I haven't found a game that even come close to SWG since. Sad really.

    SWG was my favorite game of all time.

    Tried: LotR, CoH, AoC, WAR, Jumpgate Classic
    Played: SWG, Guild Wars, WoW
    Playing: Eve Online, Counter-strike
    Loved: Star Wars Galaxies
    Waiting for: Earthrise, Guild Wars 2, anything sandbox.

  • ZalaberZalaber Member Posts: 104

    My first mmo was DAoC, i was 15 and didn't even know what an mmo was.  my brother bought DAoC and gave me an mmo crash course.  i played for a year and a half and got addicted to the lvl 20-24 RvR.   after ToA i noticed a considerable loss of people.  then i moved to WoW, but went back to DAoC a year later because it was a lot better than WoW, i still play it even though it has barely any people.  now i wait for WAR!

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