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Your first MMORPG?

Tell us your first mmorpg experience, or does you even know mmorpg mean at that time. When you start it and why you quit it. Is there any interest in the game, that make you keep playing..


My first mmorpg is Lineage 1, back in Nov 1999, That game is so addictive. I play like 40+ a week, or more. The game is in 2d, (similar like Diablo2 style). But the difference it have like mostly one time is 1200+ player on at same time. This game is about grinding, hunting boss, Pk, siege.

This game is not about level, it all about the gears. Also lv up is time consuming, each lv take a while to lv up. Also hunting boss is big challenge because you have to find the boss (spawn every 1-2hr, big reward  or sometime no reward for boss) also other ppl might pk you.

You can join a guild( only Prince/Princess class can form guild) Knight, Elf, Mage can join. If you a castle owner you can tax the town(which ppl pay extra for heal potion, etc) Every 2-3 day there is a seige and you have to get alliance to help. To win the siege a prince/princess must pass 2 door to the throne (not easy). The front gate will have ppl standing there to block ppl to enter. It is so fun,,,

The down fall of Lineage, i grief over the game because it is all about luck. When you hunt alot of boss it alway give you crap, try to upgrade a +4 item to +5 it failed( it mean your item gone forever)  There goes like 3hr gaming time.. average i make 50k per hour with hunting it is so boring..

 I quited the game in 2002 almost like 3yr.. But the game is getting not fun because of so many restriction on PK, swearing, too much update make the game item suck. Mage's magic book suppose so expensive but with update they make everyone can afford one, so everyone is common..

 *** Update ** Most regret thing is I never get a real castle siege, because at that time i got a crappy PC. I was using a AMD, cpu 300mhz, But i quit it after 2002 (omg i can't recall it!!)



  • zalvajezalvaje Member Posts: 38

    my first MMO is RO and its my first time that ive been hack wahhhhhh

  • TeengirlTeengirl Member Posts: 1

    my first MMO is Mabingo..and also it's my favourite one   there are so many beautiful clothes and the skill system i also like very much.~~

  • DeadlyMageDeadlyMage Member Posts: 543

    well eq. but that was for a day,

    so my first proper mmo was DAOC

  • linkage4_21linkage4_21 Member Posts: 4

    I played EQ on a friend's computer, but SWG was the first one that I played on my computer.  It was actually the reason I bought the computer.  Unfortunately it no longer exists in the form that I loved. 

  • spinach8puffspinach8puff Member CommonPosts: 864

    My first MMORPG was Everquest. I had seen my older brother play it a lot so I decided to try it out on his account. I liked it and ended up playing it from 2001 until 2004. One of my fond memories was grouping by orc highway in Oasis of Marr. I learned quickly to not solo by the docks as the spectres got trained to/by there a lot.

    I finally ended up quitting because end game raiding took too much of a commitment. Six hours or more a day of raiding for five days a week ended up burning me out. It was very fun while it lasted though. I have many fond memories.

  • LeosonLeoson Member Posts: 1

    the first one ..maybe is  Witchcraft...played for  over 2 years..however, there were too many gave it up..

  • spankybusspankybus Member UncommonPosts: 1,367

    UO was my first. Blew me away. Nothing has been quite as fun since, perhaps because it had the advantage of being new.

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  • IceAgeIceAge Member EpicPosts: 2,898

    Originally posted by spankybus

    UO was my first. Blew me away. Nothing has been quite as fun since, perhaps because it had the advantage of being new.

    My first MMo ? Well back in 2000 , runescape and in that time I didn't knew the word "mmorpg" :)

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  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

    my first mmo was knight online. in my opinion it has the best pvp and war system but after 3 years i got bored.

  • karat76karat76 Member UncommonPosts: 1,000

    My first was UO  it was the reason I went out and bought my first computer. Not sure a game like it would work now as the communities in mmorpgs in my opinion have steadily declined.

  • aloramialorami Member Posts: 1

    My first MMO was Everquest back in 2003(?) I remember playing it on a dial-up modem, and having to wait about a week just to install the patches and such. Eventually, I began to play it only to find out that my high school friends had EQOA instead of EQ, meaning I got it for the wrong console. I played for about two weeks, then gave it up until WoW came along.

  • kenchangkenchang Member Posts: 9

    my first online game was RAN online, i never quitted this game coz until now i can play my character if i want to......i can always back with my other online games 'coz all my characters are intact.

    i stop because i tried another game called NEOSTEAM...

  • sup3rsn1p3rsup3rsn1p3r Member Posts: 93

    My first MMO was, sadly, Runescape.  Which btw, is probably one of the worst...

  • Deweycat23Deweycat23 Member Posts: 29

    Asheron's Call. Played many others since but for the better part of 6 years that was the game for me. To this day it is the number one reason that graphics (IMO) are so completely over-rated in the new mmo's. Gameplay and great loot tables will keep me around a long time. A great community helps too.

  • MaydayAMaydayA Member Posts: 1

    my first game is Mage...but favorite is Mabingo..however i'm playing SOL...

  • alakramalakram Member UncommonPosts: 2,301

    Lineage 2 here. Awesome times I got hooked for the rest of my life on MMORPG's. I left it cose of bots and ebayers. Currently playing AoC.

  • BonusbabeBonusbabe Member Posts: 10

    SWG played it from release and a few moths and i'm not ashamed of it :D

  • starstar Member Posts: 1,101

    Dark Age of Camelot.

    Good times. Very, very good times.

    Absolutely fantastic times.

    I miss it so much :(


  • yanzanyanzan Member UncommonPosts: 31

    My first mmorpg was:  Earth & Beyond , i have played the beta , than after release till his end.

    Im still missing this great game and listen the space soudtrack dotady .

  • JayBirdzJayBirdz Member Posts: 1,017


     My first MMo experience was Anarchy Online.  While I had played other games online and was very active in one in particular.  The communities were small.  I had to that day never experienced anything like a MMo.  Or for that matter Anarchy Online.  I could not have imagined anything like a MMo.  Mainly because I wasn't your typical PC'er.   I just was not into computers at a younger age.

    From logging in and being totally confused (rightfully so).  To freaking out at all the busy bodies running around on noob island.  I didn't know what they were doing, but I knew they were most definitely doing something.  All I could do is laugh at what I can only describe as a parade of loonies.

      Hordes of people going every which way.  I wondered around for 30 minutes just awestruck.  From a Leet (small fury creature in AO) smack talking after I tried to kill it.  To leaving noob island and seeing a 200 enforcer standing by the clan greeter (after you leave noob island) larger than life, beating the crap out of a team of players trying to take him down.  That moment is when I knew this game, this MMo was for me.  I had not been tainted by expectations or wants.   That was the first moment that I felt like I was a gamer and not just in a story.

    While I still do enjoy MMo's.  I am far more critical than I was when I picked up Anarchy Online.  Basically it is like looking for that first high all over again.  I just recently closed my account to the game.  I gave away the majority of my gear to friends who I had made over the years. Then deleted all my characters after they had been stripped.  That had  to be one of the hardest things I have done as far as computer games go.

  • jinxitjinxit Member UncommonPosts: 854

    My first mmo was SWG , played it? No. Lived in it? Hell yes! It was a work of art, in its day  the best mmo ever ......and then there was the NGE, you can guess the rest

    Been playing COX for the past few years now and stil having a hell of a time  

  • KasimirKasimir Member Posts: 197

    UO. except for the graphics engine, they did more right in an MMO than any game released after them. AO as a close second, also skillbased and total freedom to the player


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  • OKgentleOKgentle Member Posts: 1

    i have never played MMO.....till i'm  24 now...i'm going on playing stand-alone is there any good and interesting MMO ? maybe could try..

  • skamperskamper Member UncommonPosts: 252

    NexusTK in 1998

  • SmJacobs5SmJacobs5 Member Posts: 9

    Star wars galaxies

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