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Hey will this be availiable to Australians

jcal_101jcal_101 Member Posts: 3

hey guys,

im wondering if this game will be available for australians.... and which server would i have to log on. very interested in this game cant wait for it to come out

thanks in advance


  • KatzuAionKatzuAion Member Posts: 81



    The standard format that games use nowdays its separated by zones.


    Which means that if you buy a European copy you will play on European servers, However quite laggy in your case.


    I would advise you to play on American Servers, Korean might be faster for you, altough everything being in Koren language cannot be pleasent for you.

    So it should be about your choice, however, be warned that NcSoft didnt confirm how the zones are gonna be seperated.

  • jcal_101jcal_101 Member Posts: 3

    oh ok so if its split up into na eu asian servers i should go to america since its closer then europe and has english language. so i would just have to buy the game online when it come outs... i cant wait


  • EphimeroEphimero Member Posts: 1,860

    Since there's no NCsoft's Australia offices, I'd bet that you'd have to pay online or get gamecards (if there are NCsoft gamecards available) to play in servers stablished in Asia, North America or Europe. Servers might not be region restricted though, meaning Euros can play with americans and so on, but ping issues will make American servers your best choice

  • jcal_101jcal_101 Member Posts: 3

    ok... now i will save up for a game comp and adsl2 lol

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