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Once a good game

AkulasAkulas Member UncommonPosts: 2,160

Hello, I am an old player of this game. Since Iron Will has taken over this game it has gone down hill. They have introduced a token system to try to get new players in which has failed. The same people still hang around and if you ever played Legends there is this person named Leah who is nice to everyone. When Lothgar was in control of this game it was pretty good but Iron Will has really destroyed this game. Their latest thing in which I have a problem with is they hand out random bans and despite a year or so of complaining they won't remove it and claim it was for something which I clearly did not do. For this reason I do not suggest parting with any money while Iron Will are in control of this game since they ahe screwed me over. I hope the company who has it now does a better job in cleaning up the mess Iron Will created.

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  • AratheosAratheos Member Posts: 2

    Well actually, the current state of the game is far beyond what it was in 'TKO' times, which probably is the company you are referring to?

    Anyways, the current team is right on top of it, plenty of updates, fixes and upcoming expansion.

    The amount of players has been going up steadily. Since you're an old player I assume you remember the LSP (Lotor's summer palace)? If you do, last night there were about 35-40 players simply at the bank  (and many more running around working for the taskmasters hehe)

    And since you're talking about random bans.. I'm not sure what you would consider 'random', they do have a policy and act by it. Break policy? Except ban. And that's exactly how it should be in an online environment.

    And as for the mess you talk about...  it's cleaned allright.

    Anyways, the game isn't about fancy 3D graphics, but rather about depth and community, and the current state offers a decent answer to both of those topics.

    Not an advised game for you WoW-runners though, but the UO-kind of player might actually enjoy this a lot.

  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,415

    I miss the days of Lothgar, Ramthananax and Cordelia

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