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how much did you spent in your MMORPG??



  • pandolinopandolino Member Posts: 39

    hahahah your right Ironball I know someone who spend all his money just to be strong in the game his playing for in RF online the elemental bracer there will coz you 100$ waaaaaa to expensive


  • TreegeniusTreegenius Member Posts: 1

    i'm poor...i just play the completely free also let me play happily without paying..

  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

    about 500€

  • kaskuskaskus Member Posts: 105

    i only spend time on playing mmorpgs and not money

  • TerranahTerranah Member UncommonPosts: 3,575

    Before mmo's I would buy two console games a month, so that was about $1200 a year on games plus cost of buying the consoles.  Usually I would have two consoles, so nintendo and ps, or ps2 and xbox.  Now I just have an Xbox360.


    When I started playing SWG, I quit playing console games for the most part, so for mmo that was $200 per year first year.  Second year I got another account so $400 per year.  After that it went back down to $200 per year.


    From new computers and upgrades, probably looking at more than 10k since SWG.


    Luckily I have a good job.  Seems like a lot maybe, but then I don't smoke, drink, or 'party', so I save a hell of a lot of money there.  And this is spread out over several years.

  • TopsingerTopsinger Member Posts: 1

    yada ya da...just when i have enough money, i will spend them on what i need eagerly 

  • kenchangkenchang Member Posts: 9

    all my games are F2P, but sometimes i spent for premium items......

    but not that big, just enough for some fun

  • WinterstarWinterstar Member Posts: 1

    i'm earning money for my games...ahah...but never spend too much..most for my lunch...


  • lightshininglightshining Member Posts: 1

    - -  most of you are so rich...haha..even though i'm not so poor...i never will spend much on games...about $50 per month...

  • lovelyKittylovelyKitty Member Posts: 1

    i love playing game    and i spend most of my income on them~just because there is no other way to spend.....- -|||

  • MinigreenmanMinigreenman Member Posts: 1

    maybe i spend $80 per month on WOW and $40 per month on Mabingo..these two games i both like

  • TitlewingTitlewing Member Posts: 1

    0 0 is it steady for you to spend how much on games..? some games i will be willing to pay...some games..just to have a look..if the game is good enough i will spend money happily..

  • SightfurtherSightfurther Member Posts: 1

    is this post useful for someone-  -?...or that data is useful for what..? if yes..i also put my status...haha ...usually spend $ 60 on one game i'm playing

  • kaskuskaskus Member Posts: 105

    in games?well in neosteam i just spent time and not is a F2P game

  • RolemouseRolemouse Member Posts: 1

    never spend any money on games...i have thought time spent is enough...i also hope that there will be a good game which is worth of paying...

  • UltraQuackUltraQuack Member Posts: 15

    I've spent the most in Guild Wars which is around $270. I played it for over 2,000 hours and I say it was worth it.


  • RunnerfastRunnerfast Member Posts: 1

    about $ 20...yes, i know it's so little...however, i don't think a lot of items need to purchase...i just buy what i need ..

  • VivianJohnVivianJohn Member Posts: 1

    i'm a newbie for role playing game...however they are really so lovely (Mabingo,hello kitty and so on)  some are free some not. but i think if you like, spending money is all right. and i spend maybe $ 200 per month. of course, if i don't like, i will never pay for it..

  • CocoMayCocoMay Member Posts: 1

    i'm a poor student.. i have to  play free games -  -|| however, i don't think there is a need to pay for games..

  • KillerQKillerQ Member Posts: 1

    about $ 20 lol  it this  a Stat. ?  if yes..i wanna get a free but good enough game ...haha

  • OrangewineOrangewine Member Posts: 1

    i spend $250 peo month on games and my son spends about %100...if he doesn't spend his life money on his games..

  • laleblaleb Member Posts: 215

     All the EQ expansions for 4 accounts up to last two I think cost me $600. 

    3 Wow accounts $140

    2 Cov/CoH accounts $100

    AoC - $50

    $45/month average over 6 years monthly access $3240 

    So I spend about $58 a month on video games. 

    Not bad I would say. I know people who spend $100 a month on two games and buy new ones every month

    Besides $58 a month is like 3 hours of work. 

  • thorwoodthorwood Member Posts: 485

    Probably about  $1,000 on Everquest.

    For Everquest:

    • 3 years of subscriptions on main account
    • purchased about 6 expansions
    • add another 12 months of subscriptions for a second account
    • purchased Everquest and all expansions (package deal) for second account 
    • filled a lever arch folder with colour prints of player made maps 
  • HellorabbitHellorabbit Member Posts: 1

    almost spend $ 800 on all my games per month... half my income lol  however, maybe i will give up gaming form now on -0-

  • khelscheesekhelscheese Member Posts: 6

    I spent money for about 400-600 dollars ^_^ that's all


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