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More precise answer needed (FAQ)

SeravajanSeravajan Member UncommonPosts: 192

I have a question about these two FAQ about ranking:

# How much information you have posted in our forums (not the amount of posts)
# The quality of your posts. If you post lot of "filler" posts that only consist of a few words this will cost you rank points.

How will this be checked? Do you asset points manually (aka reading every post) or is it checked the electronic way?

Is it the first then it can happens that good posts are not counted and ppl go down in the ranking.
Is it the latter, how can you prevent misuse of the system without messing up with the good postings?

I believe the 2 faq answers above should become more clear.

It is quite confusing if we post a lot of right stuff and are still going down by a large margin.

BTW: if 5 points of ranking are deducted due a bad post then ppl should know where and why.

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  • JustinJosephJustinJoseph Site Co-FounderMember UncommonPosts: 602
    Basically your posts are deemed worthy if they have not been deleted. image

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