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Game keeps crashing every 5 mins!!

bazeragibazeragi Member UncommonPosts: 40

I just started playin the game cause i liv in the UK but it keeps crashing every 5 mins i tried it on low medium and high and they all do the same ive got a AMD duel core 2 gig of ram and a 8800 GTS cad so it should run fine and it dose for a bit then just crashes.

anyone else havin this problem or kno what i can do to fix it? ive tried updating the drivers and that


  • SheezwackSheezwack Member Posts: 61

    First try disabling firewall/AV etc see if that makes a difference, make sure your drivers are up to date.

    Sometimes faulty memory etc can cause problems though, plenty of people seem to be running fine.


    If none of the above works it could be worth testing your hard drive and memory, hardware problems tend to surface when you have a demanding game.



  • CelunaCeluna Member Posts: 13

    you could try to disable 1 of the cores on ur CPU, some had that work very well.

  • MichielMichiel Member UncommonPosts: 234

    Turn off AA (Anti-Aliasing or however you spell it)! It helped a lot of my guild mates who crashed.

  • bazeragibazeragi Member UncommonPosts: 40

    yea ive tried turning anti virus off it dosnt help ive tried it on low medium and high and it still crashes so it carnt b because its to grafically intensive a few ppl on the official forums r havin the same problem aswell just after the latest patch

  • SheezwackSheezwack Member Posts: 61

    Maybe try run the verifyer

  • unsane13unsane13 Member Posts: 160

    if you check out the official forums you will see that a lot of people are having issues with crashing every few seconds/minutes. a ton of those people have amd processors and some have intel(like my wife's pc). I would recommend trying the fixes others have posted but if for some reason they do not work ,and your pc is above recommended specs know that you are not alone, random crashing is an issue that funcom has yet to admit; most signs point to a memory leak but I am not a programmer so who knows.


    and in case you have missed many of my other posts my wife has a pc with


    windows XP pro

    intel core 2 duo 2.20ghz

    3gb 800mhz ram

    nvidia 7950gt 512mb

    7200rpm hard drive

    and the game worked just fine at medium settings before the update on sunday may 18th (40-60fps depending on the area). since then it crashes every few seconds/minutes/hours or whenever it wants to.


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  • jadzYajadzYa Member UncommonPosts: 44
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