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Magic World Blues

ChantillyChantilly Member UncommonPosts: 20

Can not create an account on Magic World even with the free armor code they advertise here.  Spent hours downloading and installing the game.  Have spent a week trying to create an account.  Followed all the rules to create an account a hundred times.  Wrote the support group.  They said keep trying.   Anyone figuring out the "Magic World tweaky secret" to get an account and play,  post the solution please.  (Keep thinking I am on the wrong page or something to get one.) I enter all the info and try to create it and the form resets clean with no account made.   I enter all the information,  try to submit it, and the page form resets for me to start all-over again. grrrrr

Want a fun pet game like I hope MWorld is badly.  Miss UO for the pets and maybe MWorld is the game for me.  I spent way too much USD on pets in the Myth War shop and would enjoy doing it again in a new game :)

I will keep trying to get into Magic World and sure hope one of you knows exactly how to create an account and enter an acceptable password there.




  • AbeniAbeni Member Posts: 5

    Make sure ur 2rd pw do not start with no. zero and it only contain NO.

    btw, if ur 1st pw bit>12, let it be 12 bit... so u can start the game...


  • ChantillyChantilly Member UncommonPosts: 20

    Thanks so much for the tips.  I got an account.  Always used numbers for the 2nd password.  Think the security code was not working with any of my 4 PCs which means somehow my ISP or router was amiss. 

    Really gonna love this game with pets. 

    Have a suggestion for this game...  sell disks of the game files in your online store so those who can not download it can buy the disk, install from disk, and play.




  • ChantillyChantilly Member UncommonPosts: 20

    No more blues here,  got an account and play rocks in MWO.

    This is a great game for my playstyle. Loved Ultima Online ("UO") for many years and this game is right up there with the UO experience.

    The legal robot is great fun.  Try this game and go to sleep a level 20 and wake up a level 24,  all legal too with the robot working.






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