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How did you discover Aion?

LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,934

So how did you discover Aion?


I can remember opening an NCsoft booklet that came with Guild Wars a few months back. I paged through it and *angel music* I saw Aion's page. It grabbed my attention pretty quickly so I ran to the PC and googled it. Been waiting for it ever since!


  • redrum666erredrum666er Member Posts: 168

    I played L2 at the time and saw it on the Plaync account page.


  • bee52bee52 Member Posts: 158

    Saw it mentioned on MMORPG.com. First thought to pop into my head was, 'cool an MMO pitting angels against devils where they fight over the minds and souls of the world's population'.

    Then I read more and lost interest ;)

    Guess my idea would have stepped on far too many toes =D

  • h4teh4te Member Posts: 23

    some guy in my lineage 2 clan back in 2006 showed me a link with a few screenshots and told me to check the game out. Then i totally forgot about the game until recently i was checking out the AoC forum here, and saw Aion right on top of it... and i was like hmm wasn't it that lineage 3 game with wings? Then i read some infos about it and watched some videos, and now i can't wait =x

  • RenithRenith Member Posts: 145

    Saw some interisting pictures when I was on my account page for Lineage 2. It looked so sweet that I had to take a look.

  • shoneilshoneil Member Posts: 16

    I saw it on a ncsoft booklet to then googled it and i cant wait for it to come out it looks really good.

    do work

  • MircyMircy Member Posts: 34

    Last year on mmorpg.com when i looked for something to replace wow with , and AoC ,WAR and Aion were first games wich waken my interes into, but had no clue the makers of Aion created guild wars and lineage also , wich add more credit to NCsoft.

    But i know now that Aion is the game i will replace wow with , is something i look for lately.

  • Cuj0Cuj0 Member Posts: 81
    Originally posted by redrum666er

    I played L2 at the time and saw it on the Plaync account page.

    Same here


  • my723my723 Member Posts: 1

    For me ALot of my friends from L2 were telling me about it but i wasnt that intrested but when I saw some vids on youtube etc omg lmao i got addicted.

  • skaparnskaparn Member Posts: 3

    browsed in the game list for a new mmo, looked at Aion, saw som vids and was amazed!

  • KhrymsonKhrymson Member UncommonPosts: 3,090
    Originally posted by Cuj0

    Originally posted by redrum666er

    I played L2 at the time and saw it on the Plaync account page.

    Same here


  • EphimeroEphimero Member Posts: 1,860

    Checked out 2006's E3 reports and then looking deeper i found an Aion video, knowing I was playing L2 by then and considering how well NCsoft korea handles servers and massive pvps I was like...gimme!


    after 2 years I am like...gimme! but even more, the waiting is getting harder and harder :<

  • curiindicuriindi Member Posts: 488

    I first took note of Aion while doing a report for my company - by now it's become more than just that! :)

  • FohoFoho Member Posts: 13

    Found it on game list  xD

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  • HeltFotadHeltFotad Member Posts: 21

    Well i played Eq2 at the time and heard about some guys talking about it on school and after school i watched it out and i Totally went like ...

    The Graphics are so cool and the combat system looks by far Amazing.. it will pwn AoC,Wow and the rest of the mmorpgs.. If they live up too expectations as they show in the vids. Will try it out fo sho but hope it dosent turn into 10yearold QQ Community as the monthly fee will keep some of them out..

    Aion Ftw!!


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  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

    Originally posted by Foho

    Found it on game list  xD

    me too

  • SyNn3rSyNn3r Member UncommonPosts: 35

    I found Aion from browsing games on PlayNC. I've played Lineage 2 and Guild Wars before, so I know NCsoft is good. Currently I'm playing Exsteel and waiting for Aion to come out.

    I guess the thing I like most about NCsoft's games is that the characters look very nice in comparison to other games and you don't need a strong computer to play using those graphics.

  • LordKalidrenLordKalidren Member Posts: 6

    I was browsing MMORPG.com looking for a new and exciting MMO experience.  And the name caught my eye.  I've now been waiting over a year for this game, fully intent on dropping anything I'm playing at the time of it's release to play it ^^

  • kitsunegirlkitsunegirl Member Posts: 525

    Saw it on the ncsoft site about 2 or so years ago... been waiting impatiently ever since.


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