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Which site is the NA release?

AvisonAvison Member Posts: 350

I've found way too many sites. Any help would be appreciated.



  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657
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  • AvisonAvison Member Posts: 350

    But that one is based out of Milano, Italy. Gamespot says that  the one by Aeria games http://domo.aeriagames.com/ is the NA release. Ugh, so much mized perspectives.

  • DarkSkedaDarkSkeda Member Posts: 4

    I thought Aria was NA and GameTribe EU O_o Not sure though

  • Milliardo5Milliardo5 Member Posts: 2

    The Aeria version is the North American one; Gametribe is for EU players. I am notb sure if Gametribe allows players from Asia, but Aeria does (at least for us in the Philippines it does).

  • BaronTacoBaronTaco Member Posts: 10

    Thank you, Avison, for supplying the correct homepage for the US version. I didn't realize there were both EU and US versions of the game but I'm sure I would have figured out after the fact. You saved me some annoyance at the very least.

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