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Magic World run off the Bitcomet server

AbeniAbeni Member Posts: 5

Magic World is a new MMORPG run off the Bitcomet server. It has the look of Diablo 2, but is quite different. You choose a side, Empire or Dynasty. The classes are as follows: mage, warrior, summoner, archer. You get your first class upgrade at 15 which you accomplish through quests. At level 20 you get a quests to earn a growing weapon soul. This soul absorbs other weapons and becomes stronger, making your weapon fit for battle. I think an interesting attribute to this game are the mounts. You can not ride them till +5 which is a goal to look forward to, but they increase your stats just by equipping one. You decompose weapons and armor to gain magic powders to feed your mounts which levels them up. This game is fairly new as well for it came out in march. I believe this game is worth a good look because the leveling is not impossible. There is a built in botting system that allows your character to play as if you were there when you are not. You can web cam chat with your friends as you play. Items are not impossible to find and most things can be found at the auction house like most games. Lastly sieges take place where the Dynasty versus the Empire. You can gain glory from these battles and earn legend items, which are very powerful.

Below I have supplied the official site, gameplay video, and forum telling you how to get platinum membership.

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