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Goon Titan destroyed by Smashkill and friends.

ShohadakuShohadaku Member Posts: 581

reported by ISD Amaari Yolkia | 2008.05.19 23:49:35 | NEW

Etherium Reach - An Erebus titan piloted by Deadtear of GoonSwarm was destroyed in a combat operation yesterday involving three titan-class capital ships, including a Leviathan from Solar Fleet, and a Ragnarok from Legion of xxDeathxx. A number of alliances resident in the drone regions participated in taking down this massive ship, and thereby preventing it from assisting Ethereal Dawn in defending their sovereign space.

The events leading up to this loss started with a small roaming gang of Smash Alliance members travelling R-6KYM in an attempt to kill forces hostile to them. When they were unable to provoke an immediate response, an assault was made on the cynosural jammer protecting the system and a control tower deployed nearby. This initial action became the cause of much larger fights over the next five days, with each side bringing more allies and increasing the size of the engagements.

The final engagement that led to the destruction of the ship started when the three titans warped to a hostile group of battleships near a stargate in R-6KYM, and fired their Doomsday Devices. In attempting to make good their exit by warping out, a single titan was caught by hostile forces and prevented from escaping.

The ensuing battle involved alliance members from Atlas Alliance, Fang Alliance, R0ADKILL, SMASH Alliance, The Kano Organisation, and Veritas Immortalis arrayed against those attempting to defend the titan; Ethereal Dawn, Intrepid Crossing, Legion of xXDEATHXx, SOLAR FLEET, Ka-Tet, and GoonSwarm. After 15 to 20 minutes of concentrated fire, the Erebus could no longer hold up against the assault, and she went down.

Bobby Atlas, a fleet commander for Atlas Alliance had this to say: "GoonSwarm entering the conflict, for many of us it provided a new found vigour to engage the enemy, and less than a day into any serious GoonSwarm actions one of their titans was downed in the defence of Ethereal Dawn space."

At the time of writing GoonSwam representatives declined to comment about the incident.


The biggest thing not mentioned is Smashkill and allies (now known as "FVCKERS") were up against 3 Titans and a whole mess of support with no Titan fielded themselves. There also was much more history then just some Smash guys roaming into system.

  Great job to all others involved.


  • AesperAesper Member UncommonPosts: 90

    Thats intense.

    Never been big on any of the Goonies.

    EVE Online player since 2007.

    "Our greatest glory consist not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

    - Oliver Goldsmith

  • FlasheartFlasheart Member UncommonPosts: 16

    I am always happy when a Titan gets popped, I don't care who it belongs to.

  • batolemaeusbatolemaeus Member CommonPosts: 2,061

    A dead titan is a good titan in my opinion.
    Damn gamebreaking things..

  • DismantledDismantled Member UncommonPosts: 121

     We had an alarm clock op that morning...........I missed the kill by 15 minutes.....Snooze button = FAIL

  • MylonMylon Member Posts: 975

    And it's stuff like this that is making me more and more likely to rejoin the game. In no other game can you see cooperating make something as grand as a titan. And in no other can in game events become news like this (thanks to that stupid thing called sharding).

    The article could be better written, however. It's hard to tell just who is fighting who (and who the other titans belonged to).


  • fl3wkfl3wk Member Posts: 20

    It is never like this when I play

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