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A Few Questions

CaptAntillusCaptAntillus Member Posts: 58

  I am always looking for a good game, and this one looks nice. But, before I start, i would like to know, fromm people who actually play it:

1- The PvP is skill based or gear based?

2- is it laggy? Battles are fought in real time or you get awful lags that freeze your screen and allow you to do nothing?(I have a 2Mb internet connection)

3- Is it really free, or will come the time when you´ll have to spend a lot of money in Item Mall to keep competitive?


  • elchignoloelchignolo Member Posts: 15

    1 - of course gear helps, but it's more skill based, your own skills, and your pet(s)'s skills

    2 - sometimes guild wars are laggy when 48 ppl meet 48 ppl. Some ppl are laggy, but it's momre because of their computer which is too slow...

    3 - I know some pretty good players who never spent anything.... Of course, if you don't spend money, you will need more patience to lvl up and grind to make money. So of course, if you pay, you get higher lvl and get better gear faster... But anything needed to be competitive can be bought with rupees (regular game money)

  • CaptAntillusCaptAntillus Member Posts: 58

      Thanks for the answer.

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    ok this game is a pet based game, meaning having a good pet can completely change the game for you, only problem is it takes a very long time to get a decent pet (unless you know where to farm and how to farm off the bat)

    second its a skill based game, equipment makes a slight diffrence, during pvp the best equipment will help you but not if your skills are messed up or too low.

    Laggy...a very very laggy game especialy during guild seiges of dungeons...many skills will end up disconnectiong other players and are banned from seiges (yeah thats right some skills that may be essential to your pvp in seiges are banned)

    in dungeons ive had people with 6gig ram/top notch gfx cards and fast connections tell me they lag

    its free, but unless you want to grind twice as long youll need cash shop items, plust theres decorative items that give you a slight defense can buy them in game for gold but they are crazy expensive (unless you farm and sell pet cards you will be broke the duration of the game)

    other than that its a slightly complacated game, with decent graphics, if you got the system and fun game play 

  • elchignoloelchignolo Member Posts: 15

    I have 2GB of RAM, and in siege i don't lag a lot.... Sometimes 2 seconds when a lot of ppl arrive but that's it...

    About skills disconnecting during siege, there's only one, an archer skill called fire pillar.... That's the only forbidden skill during siege...


  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    hmm i got all my info about skills being banned off of rappelz own website, although none of those skills apply to any of my characters who would ever be involved in a seige so i never got to test it out. 

    and i dunno how you dont lag with that setup, people with double your ram and cable connections have complained of massive lag.

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