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Magic World Online Beta (No Wipe, Siege PvP etc.)

VasburgVasburg Member Posts: 65

Just discovered this game (, where Closed Beta II just started. It is, however, a de-facto Open Beta, since everyone can apply and there won't be any more character wipes (i.e. you can use your CBII characters in the release version).

The graphics look somewhat like Diablo 2 or Lineage I (isometric, rendered 2D) but more detailed. The game is f2p with an item mall, and has some really interesting features:

1. A legal ingame "bot" system:

The first game that introduced this kind of "afk gameplay" was Granado Espada. However, in MWO you got a very detailed (but easy-to-use) "bot interface".

You can determine when to use which kind of potion, what kind of items to pick up, what level ranges and types of monsters to auto attack, at which number of monsters to use AOE skills, determine moving routes, and even auto sell items once your backpack is full.

If you die, you will automatically start running back to your grind spot.

Speaking of which: Yes, the game is a grindfest. However, it doesn't feel that tedious, since you don't have to sit in front of your comp all day like a king-of-nolife.

Of course, playing manually is more effective (and afking too long will quickly make you outlevel your spot).

I was very sceptical when I read about that system, but now I don't wanna miss it. Can do whatever I like, do work, go out with my GF, sleep for 8 hours... while my char grinds on. (And yes, I still have a feeling of accomplishment afterwards.)

Communication among players is still existent. But I honestly wonder what it will be like in a few months, with everyone botting. Just a GE déjà-vu...

2. PK, RvR, Guild Wars and Siege PvP

Haven't tried it, but this game featues all of it (which is quite an incentive for all the grind-botting).

For starters, you select one of two factions (Dynasty or Empire). Unfortunately the game still lacks some solid documentation, and you don't really know much more about these two factions than their names. And the look of their starting territories - Dynasty starting some greeny grass lands, Empire in a Desert.

You can openly attack players from the other faction, but only gain honor points for kills within a +/-10 range. You can also attack your own people, but after a while this will get you into jail (where you have to fight a lot of monsters to get free).

There are also safe zones where no PvP is allowed (basically the starter areas of both factions).

Not sure if it is possible to unflag yourself from PvP, but I think it is (via "Peace Mode").

I don't know how exactly the Country vs. Country (RvR-type PvP) or the Guild Wars work. Basically, because the server is still quite new, and there's not a lot of high levels around.

But at least it sounds promising.

3. Other cool features

There's no real character customization at creation, but later on you can at least change hair styles and color at an NPC.

You can build houses, Guild Halls and for more advances guilds even some huge "mobile fortress".

Or two characters can marry each other to gain special boosts and perks.

4. The Skinny

So far, it seems to be quite elaborated and polished game (although homepage content and documentation could be better...), relaxing to play, since I don't have to sit in front of my monitor all day, looks great and gives me hope for some epic RvR and siege battles.

No idea if it's any good in the long run - which will depend on how fair the item mall is (currently not possible to buy "Platinum" for the cash shop), how class and faction balancing is, and how fun the PvP actually is.

Gonna report back in a few, I guess.

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