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Does anyone Know how to find the hidden Fury Screenshot folder?

AuduxAudux Member Posts: 56

hey ive been trying to find the screenshot folder for a while and i still cant find it....i enabled hidden folders and all that bs..fury is on my secondary drive...i need some help



  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    Try looking here (for Windows XP, not sure if its the same for Vista but probably similar):


    C:Documents and Settings<user account name>Local SettingsApplication DataMyGamesFuryGOGameScreenShots


    If Fury is not on your C drive, replace 'C' with the drive letter it is installed on.

  • AuduxAudux Member Posts: 56

    i still cant find it...i enabled hidden files so why is it not showing up?


  • rev_lazarorev_lazaro Member Posts: 270

    This is just a wild hair...do you have Vista? I haven't touched Fury since beta but I know sometimes a lot of my game put their screenshots in folders in the Documents folder. Guildwars, LOTRO, apparently even Savage 2 does on mine.

    So I guess easy way to check is Start->Documents->(Fury?)



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