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Triple Crystal Miners

thevinmanthevinman Member Posts: 15

Large sized corp is recruiting new and experienced members. We currently have around 140 members and a great community of people to work with.  We have plenty experienced players willing to help new players start off right.

Currently we are friends of the Stain Alliance, members of the JQ Alliance, and provide all sorts of activities.  In TCM you are your own boss. You have the freedom to do as you please.  The corp holds several mining ops in high and low sec zones.  Whether you want to mine, do agent missions, PvP, or kill rats... at TCM the choice is yours.   TCM also offers to its members all our prodcution items, including ships, at cost.  

We also have fun activites for members, such as lotto drawings, fantasy football, and corp battles for prizes.

Contact either EagleVig or Sturm Khan for more information and let them know Skyy referred you from the forums.  If you're thinking of starting to play EVE, I promise TCM will be a great start for you.



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