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Roleplaying vs RPG

This is what i consider as the difference.

RPG is where you take on a character class , grind it up numbingly to achieve the max stats and then go out to be the biggest badass.......... whoooooo, LIKE EVERY OTHER GAME IN THIS CLASS.

A Roleplay Game enviroment is where you take on a character class and develop an ongoing fictional storyline with other creative writers and the game is the backdrop to the text so there is more than just text writing.  So, besides Furdadia, what other online games for more adult players (older than 13)  is available out there for us????????



  • FrostHearT09FrostHearT09 Member Posts: 93

    WYD With Your Destiny  Global..

    I cant say that this game is for 13 years old, try it for you to know

  • Cephus404Cephus404 Member CommonPosts: 3,675

    Furcadia?  Adults?  LOL!

    Furcadia is a bunch of 12-year olds doing porn and child predators.  I remember one night, years and years ago, where I spent an entire night on Furcadia talking some 11-year old girl out of going to meet her 30-year old online "boyfriend" for sex.

    Furcadia would like to make you think it doesn't happen a lot, but it does.  99.9999999% of the people who hang out in their red light district are minors.

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  • CaellachCaellach Member Posts: 25

    What you refer to as roleplaying requires a lot of maintenance. I don't have faith in RP-servers, let alone small oasises of RP-communities on normal servers. If players are going to roleplay in MMORPGs, there should be some kind of official leader (preferably several if the population is large) to keep an eye on the process. Encourage, teach, and put things back on track when it goes wrong. A little bit of selectivity when it comes to players wouldn't hurt either.  Is there currently such a MMORPG? No. Sorry mbr1110.

    To make the best out of it, pick any MMORPG with RP-servers (don't bother with anything else) and go for it. Be prepared to set your brain on "ignore" mode a lot though.

  • UtMoonUtMoon Member Posts: 99

    PlaneShift is striving to be just that. The game and community is small compared to most other games, but it is very devoted to roleplaying.

    I changed my mind. PlaneShift is not worth the time.

  • CaellachCaellach Member Posts: 25

    Originally posted by UtMoon

    PlaneShift is striving to be just that. The game and community is small compared to most other games, but it is very devoted to roleplaying.
    PlaneShift, PlaneShift... I have great hopes for this MMORPG, but currently it's not in a very "playable" stage. I've tried it several times (last time it was the Steel Blue edition) but it is still hard to overcome the initial downsides for new players. (Lousy graphics, few customization options, lag, empty starting place, ect.) Even a RP-enthusiast like me had to give up in the end.


    There are so many issues attached to RP in MMORPGs that it's almost not worth the trouble. If you however are able to find a good position between troll behavior and elitism, you'll be in for a lot of fun. Server-jumping can be the thing until you find something you're comfortable with.

  • taoyitaoyi Member Posts: 2

    oh~it's a confused topic. whatever, i agree with you to some extent.

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