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Looking for Role Players : Age of Conan (EU-RP server)

I'm basically looking for a group of people to join me in founding a Role Playing guild in Age of Conan on the EU RP server. These Founders will lead the guild together, and will eventually become part of the Guild's Lore. Their stories, backgrounds and relations should form the base of the guild, it's structure and goals. I would love to start this from scratch, so all the Founders can weave in their stories, and really become a part of this guild to be.


The whole setup could be developed in the form of a blog, where all Founders can ad their stories, comment on each other etc.. This founding blog is also a decent start of the Guilds Lore.


The whole IC background is open ( a few brainstorm sessions, writing concepts, discussing things is part of the fun ).


The guilds main goal would be to “establish an inspiring Role playing environment”. Other aspects of the game PVE/PVP will be part of the guild as well, preferably often from a story driven perspective. Also, the guild should be intended for adults, and I would aim for a democratic leadership, the founders will lead the guild as equals.


If your interested in becoming part of this please send me a PM, or post a comment, I will contact you soon. When we have a nice group of people ( 6 to 8 would do ) I will set up some proper communication tools, and the blog I mentioned before.



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