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Hows the beta?

Thinking about getting the game.


Wondering what people think about it that have played the beta.


Good things, Bad things?




  • gantonganton Member UncommonPosts: 304

    I would say your experience in Hyboria will be related to the system your running AOC on however in my opinion the actual gameplay is much better then any other MMO's out there at the moment.

  • KonietzkoKonietzko Member Posts: 2

    Beta was fun to say the least. A lot of people are quick to judge, but I think the beta was focused on other things that the general population wasn't completely concerned with (ie early solo mission/story). The game could have ran better, but honestly I think a lot of people with big rigs decide that they want to run everything on high and get disappointed when they aren't getting over 50 fps. My buddy has to run Counter Strike Source on mid level settings and was able to run this game on low and have it be more than playable. Keep in mind beta client isn't going to be the most stable, Ive taken part in dozens and all have had crashes.

    As far as game play, I didn't think it was ground breaking more so than it was just plain refreshing. In PvP more so because there is much more thinking that is required when you swing your weapon. Its amazing how much strategy gets involved with the removal of the infamous auto attack.

    I did notice my character change quite a bit through the levels, relying more on their class specialty the higher you go (many people were concerned with the actual difference between melee classes but it came to be apparent at level 20).

    I think its a safe buy, I know I'm gonna get it regardless of a few things that wont be on release (ie spellweaving and seige). But there is plenty of time for that what-not. I also don't expect PvP to be extremely even till a bit of revising (then again the only game I can think of where classes are even is TF2 .) I think of it like a gift that keeps giving.


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