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Earthrise or AO II?

So I've been pouring over what little information I can find from this tonight and a lot of this seems to have a basis on a favorite MMO I've played on and off for years called Anarchy Online from Funcom.


Similarities seem to include the storyline and basic world development, the all awesome Omni Corp seems to have a lot in common with the Continoma and the Clans are very similar to the Noir. The replacement of basic stats with skills and the way they progress from what I've read sounds exactly like the way they do it in AO. The crafting system with parts and the use of skills not to mention from what it sounds like only basic things will be vended and the rest must be crafted sounds exactly like they have in AO. Even Old Town makes me think of the Shadowlands.


So basically my question is this, is Earthrise simply Anarchy Online v2.0 with a slightly different cover? I mean I'm not bashing it since the AO system is top notch and allows for a great social and hard core mix I'm just interested if the Devs actually gave a nod towards this game in their development.




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