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Twink_SkillTwink_Skill Member Posts: 2

Ok so I've been looking for a good MMO for a long time...most of them that I've tried downloading end up not working...the only one that I've succesfully downloaded and played has been maplestory...and as you can probably guess i quit that pretty quik, so now im stuck playing Runescape and trading accounts. 


So now i need help with 9 dragons. I started the game...sort of...i just got to the little starting screen and it said i needed to download an i do that and it says the update is the info concerning it any advice would be EXTREMELY appreciated.



Edit: You have to zoom in to see the words...sorry 


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  • XxVespanexXXxVespanexX Member Posts: 19

     Yo theres hope for you yet, my suggestion is one of many things to do, first move this post to teh 9 Dragons forums and post in General Discussion for Technical support, second it might be your computer version or hardware try updating all your drivers and direct X. Second you could try a manual download of the patches rooting them into your 9 dragons folder, sorry im not sure where you could manually download them at. Also run a full virus scan on your computer, believe it or not having a bug or trojan of some sort on your computer closes some games down. Sometimes in a blue moon when you download a file certain content gets lost in the transfer, it might also be good to re download this client, and make sure you extract or run it properly, sending  a DXdiag in with this post to the 9 dragons forum will also greatly help your situation. Ok bro its up to you now man best of luck and if you do get onto the game add me to your buddylist i might be able to help ya get started out. Vespane is my name =D. later

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