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Great Potential in this game

xoblivionxxxoblivionxx Member CommonPosts: 77

When most of you read the title, you may be thinking, what the hell am i talking about? Let me answer that question.

Pros: Let me begin by talking about the pros of this game. The grind is down to a minimum, and the community is friendly. Whenever i need help, people are always eager to give me advice that i need. The graphics are not that awesome, but the are average and atleast it is possible to differentiate the monsters. There is a great deal of variety in this game as you can choose from different classes, skills etc.

Cons: Not many cons. The most confusing thing i find about this game is the leveling system. I was confused as to the amount of exp needed to level each time and the lvl added together. Eventually, i managed to figure it out, but it took quite some time.

To me, the Pros far outweigh the cons. If you are willing to forgive some of the flaws, this game is great for you





  • BakoryoBakoryo Member UncommonPosts: 469

    The game sounds rather empty. Not giving out much (even for a f2p)


    Typing Screen shot, Special feature on their main site is disturbing.


    So is the "report hacker" and "Delete account" Doesn't ring a good bell in my ear.


    And oh, i got a question or two about the game. How is player customisation? Three heads to chose from or more?

    Is there anything else than grinding and pvping?

    The speed of the mole and the power of steel is my weapon

  • snakefangssnakefangs Member Posts: 2

    Nope all thats all their is to it. Just PvP and grinding. I use to be one of the top players when the game first started out not including the chinese botters that ruined the game in the beginning. But yeah avoid playing this game. Its economy is based on item mall XP ups and upgrade cards. And dear god about 200+ levels and having 4 kinds of things you can go into. You can do all 4 but that would take years but anyways DON'T PLAY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU WANT TO GRIND 24/7 WITH SOME +10-12 WEAPON AND 1 HIT KO EVERYTHING.(I was a fairly rich player and knew many people that would give me free weapons because i mainly helped them level and gave godly items and knew many ways to get in unopened maps :P.)

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