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Magic World Online Gift Code Giveaway

IngaaaIngaaa Member Posts: 8

Since Closed Beta 1, Magic World Online (MWO) has been well received by its wonderful game-play, good community and convenient Robot etc. More and more players want to try out this new concept MMORPG.

Together with the most popular game media, we now offer a special present package for all new players who want to have a try on MWO. All you need to do is to claim the Gift Code here and register your account with it. After that you can claim the gift in game! You can catch up the old players faster with the gift items. So, why don’t you have a go?


Follow these simple steps!


1. Get your FREE Gift Code from CGE Network [Direct Link: ] and save it!

2. Ensure you log into the KDS System - Key Distribution System. Simply click on LOGIN at the top right hand corner. If you do not have a registered account at CGE, ensure you do this before trying to log into the KDS System - If you have NOT registered click here!

3. After loging into the system click on LIST GAMES (on the left hand side).

4. On the list locate "Magic World Online - Gift Code GiveAway" and click on it. You will now see your code.

5. Go to and create your game account. Fill in the Gift Code in the blank box before you click submit.

6. Login MWO and go to the Gift NPC to claim your Novice Present Package. (Make sure you have enough space in your item backpack)

Gift NPC coordinates:

Sky City [263,179] Blaze Cliff [328,331]

Magocean Village [318,38] Sun City [170,216]


Novice Present Box contains:

Level 5:

A small wallet + the corresponding professional suite (including the armguard, boots, belts, armor) and weapons (most likely to get a blue equipment) (attribute random)

Warrior - Cyan Wolf Suit

Archer - Lightness Suit

Summon - Mystic suit

Mage – Etherealizing suit


We hope you will be happy with this little gift and we welcome all kinds of suggestion and ideas to make the game world better! Please keep an eye on CGE Network and we will bring more exclusive news and activities here!





Blue house


  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,921

    I've tried registering for an account through the provided link, but the website keeps asking me for my Secondary Password, even though I've entered it both times it asked me (made sure they are exactly the same, so that's not the problem)...

  • AbejundioAbejundio Member Posts: 10

    WoWFusion - Kitame - [F]Troll - Shaman - Level 70 - 0/44/17 - [DW]Enhancement - <Allys Nightmare>

  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,921

    The password I entered is 6 digits and doesn't start with a 0, so that's not the problem =/

  • AbejundioAbejundio Member Posts: 10

    >< i duno...

    i have been made 2 gift account from mmorpg, and there is no mistake abt 2nd pw

    WoWFusion - Kitame - [F]Troll - Shaman - Level 70 - 0/44/17 - [DW]Enhancement - <Allys Nightmare>

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