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'Adult friendly' game focused on role-playing instead of combat?

I am looking for an RPG that actually focuses on role playing instead of on combat/questing.  I'm one of those weird people that absolutely loves to play non-combat characters...  I played an animal tamer/crafter on UO, an Entertainer/Tradesman on SWG (before they placed the massive restrictions on what you can do), and so on.

I would also like a game that is 'adult friendly'... I don't want a porno free-for-all by any means, but I'm also tired of having to refrain to PG rating in my RPing.

Free would of course be best, but I don't mind paying for the right game.  I also don't care much about graphics, though not looking like a Saturday morning cartoon would be a definite plus.


  • Teek2Teek2 Member Posts: 7

    You may want to try Second life, lot of Role playing sims in the game, they tend to be hard to find for new players but they are there, and there is combat along with you can make your own stuff.

  • SepulcherSepulcher Member Posts: 216

    Not a large enough market yet for any company to seriously make a true MMO"RPG".

    Also how does one enforce the rules for a true role playing game?  Everyone has a different opinion on what is acceptable behaviour in a roleplaying envirenment.  Would be great to see, but honesly you are better off playing a PnP game or making mods for NWN.

  • LilaluLilalu Member Posts: 68

    There is no MMORPG, which is interesting to people like us. I also love to role-play non-adventurers or fighters. No chance in any MMO! I´d suggest, you try Neverwinter Nights 2. It´s also a combat-focused game. But it comes with a toolset for the fans to create their own online game worlds. Of course those are much smaller than a MMO. But it´s big fun! There are game worlds for almost every taste from PvP, questing, to just social meeting or hardcore RP. Some of them have an adult rating too. You might find there, what you are looking for. If not, you can always find other people with the same interests and start your own game.




  • MajesticoMajestico Member UncommonPosts: 481

    I have recently started playing LotR on EN-RP Laurelin.  You still find the occassional people talking ooc in /say, but other than those, I find it a very friendly rp game.  There are even rp associations, like one that is Hobbit based, and has no ambitions to leave the Shire.  They are happy just to remain in that area, and have a good time, ignoring the rest of the world, and the threat of war.

    I like some drama mixed in with my rp, (probably the DM in me) so I often integrate story-lines in game, that people can either participate in as players (just as they would in a pnp game) or as actors, or NPC's.  The players are often set tasks, or have to solve problems to further the plot, and key scenes are actually 'acted' out by the actors.  (I have yet to fully implement this in LotR as I still do not know many people there, but it was reasonably successful on other games with rp specific servers).

    The reason I like LotR so much, is because of the strong story-line, which I love following.   Anyway, hope this is of use to you.

  • zalvajezalvaje Member Posts: 38

    I think there will be did you try WOW for me this game is quite serious coz it includes serious loading every month.... lolzz

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