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possiable new player

TdogSkalTdogSkal Member UncommonPosts: 1,244

So I am thinking of downloading the game tonight but I have a few questions.

How easy is the learning curve? 

Is joining a guild something I must do or can I wait and still enjoy the game?

Does it use "WSAD" or Arrow keys?

I am going to pick either Assian or warlock.  Which is better and why?

I am a MMO Vet.  Played EQ1 for over 5 years then WoW for 2.  Now bored with all others on the market.... will Rappelz be a game I like and enjoy?

Thanks and sorry for the random questions

Sooner or Later


  • mattic65mattic65 Member UncommonPosts: 191

    Well that depends on exactly what you enjoy. Like quests driven games, where there's a story and XP is gotten primarily through questing? Then you'll hate this game passionately.

    There are quests, don't get me wrong. But they are usually of the variety of "kill X amount of this, this and this and return to me."

    So, if you like grinding endlessly for XP, go for it. But if you've been spoiled by games like WoW that practically throw XP at you, then don't waste your time. You'll just get bored with it.

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