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Class Change Quests

DrakaeonDrakaeon Member Posts: 630

Did any of you read about the class changing quests? They look incredibly intricate and... fun!

They are not "kill X creatures and get X amount of items and bring to X."

Let me post up a little piece from an interview.

Here is an excerp of the bard quest from EQ2Vault's Ask SOE #19:

Part of EQ2Vault's Interview

Deathstryker: Quests are a huge part in the process of making a great MMORPG. Many people enjoy riddle type quests were levers have to be pulled to open certain doors, keys to doors are hidden in the dungeon somewhere, etc. Will there be any of these riddle type quests in EQ2, and can you give an example?

Steve "Moorgard" Danuser: There will definitely be quests that require the use of your brain as well as your observation skills. I'm hesitant to reveal the specifics of an in-game quest, but I'll give you an overview of one I think is really cool.

When a scout decides to become a bard, he or she is given a quest to retrieve a certain book. You can only obtain this book when its owner, who is attending a party, is properly distracted. There are five musicians at the party who will each play a song for you if you ask them. When one plays a song, you'll notice a member of the audience applauding. You need to figure out the proper order to play the songs so that the entire audience is applauding. That way they'll be distracted and you can swipe the book you need.

I think this is going to be amazing. Can't wait to see what some of the other class change quests are!


  • steelscoutsteelscout Member UncommonPosts: 103

    First time I hear about that.
    I always thought class decisions are nonreversible...::::04::


  • rathmarathma Member UncommonPosts: 3,786
     Heard about that. I will have a great time doing quests image.

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  • noobletnooblet Member Posts: 2,274
    Sounds like the first ''Fun'' quest ever for an mmorpg. I cant wait!


  • pennywisepennywise Member Posts: 31

    Steelscout said-

    First time I hear about that.
    I always thought class decisions are nonreversible...::::04::


    i think it still is nonreversible. u just do this to become a bard the first time.



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  • DrakaeonDrakaeon Member Posts: 630

    You start as a Scout, Fighter, Mage, or Priest. Then there are sub classes to each of those, such as for Scout it is :

    Predator or Rogue or something else (can't remember)

    Then it say you choose predator. Then you can become something else, something else 2, or something else 3.

    It rules.

  • dirtymexdirtymex Member Posts: 17

    I pray for the life of me that it's a random selection of order each time someone does the quest, or else it'll become general knowledge and make the quest meaningless.

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