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Need a Non-Graphic intensive MMO

ext1ext1 Member Posts: 98

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with 2g of RAM but no graphical abilities whatsoever. Put it this way: Shotline looks ok, but there is some lag in the "clicking process" so it is sort of unplayable to me. I have installed the origional DOOM (and all it's sequals), and it plays fine online with others. So I'm not sure if I need an MMO (or any good game really) that renders in software mode or what, but I need some ideas to try out, preferably free ones ;) .




  • paulscottpaulscott Member Posts: 5,613

    what's the video card or is it onboard?

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  • grimbojgrimboj Member Posts: 2,102

    Try world of warcraft - I suggest it since its cartoony graphics are relatively easy on the PC. If your PC is REALLLLY slow you could try 'Mu Online' but the graphics are pretty bland.

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  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    I agree that warcraft may still work. Just stay away from the big cities.

    You may want to go back to earlier MMOs as well and see if they work,

    UO and EQ1 are still up, running and making expansions.

    Good Luck

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