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What's your favorite Age of Conan Class?


It seems like Age of Conan has really done it this time. I can't believe that they've released a very powerful mage class and I will give you a lot of reasons why I want to be a demonologist, but you should let me know if any other class beats this one.

1st: The demonologist comes with a pet which you don't have to control it controls itself and helps with damage and possible minimal tanking, I mean extra damage, come on guys, this has got to be amazing, I have never seen something like that. I am truly excited and that's only the beginning.

2nd: The most traditional mage in the game, this class gets to the point. I am sick on melee classes you have no idea, I just hate the hack and slash boring all day you have no idea get real folks. that's boring. but the mage class is different, it uses mana. And this Demonologist specializes in all black magic areas, and I love it that the main spells are Fire and Lightning. I hate choosing what spell to use. But I love magic, the nuking high amounts of energy in 1 second vs. the hack and slash slow damage over time. Boring. And I do not like to tank, I'd love just sitting in the background nuking the heck out of the monsters. But wait theres more...I am like a fan of the saying, "And to go further beyond." well guess what, in this game the mage can go even further beyond expained in 3rd reason

3rd: The mage can actually sacrifice its health when the mana is low. I mean I hate when you run out of mana that's why I didn't want to be a mage, but when I saw this I was like OMG, I have go to be a demonologist, this is amazing. I mean health as a mage has always been useless, the melee classes used it for tanking but the mage never takes a hit, why not sacrifice health for mana. And wait there more you can use your health to increase the spell damage. so you have full mana, full health, you go OK GUYS I'm going even further beyond to finish the boss off. You sacrifice health to make your spell stronger, I mean this class is 5 in 1 guys 5 in 1. No job, class, can beat this mage in PvE. PvP on the other hand, Mage vs. Assassin, Assassin wins, but in PvE, this thing ownz!!!



  • DAS1337DAS1337 Member UncommonPosts: 2,589

    Priest, why?  Because everyone needs a priest.  Then when I'm in a good guild and hit max level, I'll pull out a more fun damage dealing class. 

  • XenosaiyanXenosaiyan Member Posts: 215


  • Punk999Punk999 Member UncommonPosts: 882
    Herald of Xotli

    "Negaholics are people who become addicted to negativity and self-doubt, they find fault in most things and never seem to be satisfied."

  • aithieelaithieel Member Posts: 232

    Tempest of Set :) (priest)


  • ThandurinThandurin Member Posts: 21

    Herald of Xotli was pretty fun during the pvp weekend but I look foward to trying out the Bear Shaman and Dark Templar.

  • XenosaiyanXenosaiyan Member Posts: 215

    I see so the priest isn't bad

  • UrrellesUrrelles Member Posts: 574

    Hard choice between the Priest, Herald, and Bear Shaman. 

    The healing classes in this game rock.  No targeting, just aim and shoot.  Plus they can take hits and do some damage.  No long distances either.  you have to get into the fight to heal someone.

    the Herald is just badass.  He's like a mage who said "Screw it!  Give me a damn sword!!"  Then he ran out melting faces, lopping off heads, and transforming into demons.


    Sadly the pet classes are sucking hardcore right now.  Nothing new about them ocmpared to other games.  They seem worse than other games.  Pet and healing classes make or break an MMO for me.

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