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the review of elfonline

joerolajoerola Member Posts: 1

 I have been training a assassin for quite a while in Elf Online, and I find it useless. I find it very useless for Pk, for training, for anything. When training, assassin is fast, really fast but no use, it does has low attack, it does low damage and it also miss a lot. If you think assassin is good at Pk you can try train a assassin and try Pk with your friends of same lvl. If you duel with a brave or wrestler, they have tones of hp and higher attack than you, no matter how fast you are, it takes years to kill a brave, and I’m sure they can kill you first. Even if you manage to kill a brave, don’t forget if they train a soldier pet, the pet can revive and heal master, if you try to kill the pet first, I believe you are dead before you can kill the pet. If you duel with a hunter, all they need to do is entangle you, or even if they don’t entangle you, their skills can kill you easily. What else? Doctor or an alchemist? If you duel them they can heal before you can kill them, even if your speed is 2000. You like to be assassin because they do many critical? I want to tell you that critical doesn’t come out a lot, it comes more than other jobs but it is no use. If you think assassin with a agil pet is good, maybe you should try a wrestler with a agil pet



  • NoHPNoHP Member Posts: 17

    I agree with you.  The problem is that Elf Online is unbalance.  What they need to do is remove the stats bonus come with armor pieces.  How can Assassin beat Wrestler?  Assassin can't beat Wrestler due to the armor bonus.  Assassin main defense is dodge but if armor give accuracy then what good is Assassin's dodge?  Without armor my lvl 49 hunter beat lvl 52 wrestler but with armor I can only take 2/3 HP before I got wipeout.  I'm sure my Assassin will produce same result going against a Wrestler or Brave.. etc. since their build is almost the same.

  • tikboitikboi Member Posts: 243

    i also have assassin. its quite useful though. you can actually dodge major attacks easily.

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