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British Space Corporation

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Buy British: The British Space Corporation

The British Space Corporation is a multiracial ship-building enterprise, one of the first 10 still-existing corporations founded in the Corporate Boom of Year 105. We are open for business producing starships at most levels, for the majority of races. Comprising of seasoned EVE pilots - veterans of combat, construction and trade - the BSC has gone, and continues to go, from strength to strength.

Starship Construction
As one of the most established shipyards in the Genesis Region, we now have a variety of Frigates, and a selection of Industrials Battleships and Cruisers for sale. Sales are by order only (via our Sales Manager) and require collection (which can be arranged via Escrow).

At the moment, our capabilities include:
Crusader (Amarr)
Crucifier (Amarr), Executioner (Amarr), Inquisitor (Amarr), Punisher (Amarr), Tormentor (Amarr), Bantam (Caldari), Condor (Caldari), Griffin (Caldari), Heron (Caldari), Kestrel (Caldari), Merlin (Caldari), Atron (Gallente), Imicus (Gallente), Incursus (Gallente), Maulus (Gallente), Navitas (Gallente), Tristan (Gallente), Breacher (Minmatar), Burst (Minmatar), Probe (Minmatar), Rifter (Minmatar), Slasher (Minmatar), Vigil (Minmatar)
Bestower (Amarr), Badger (Caldari), Badger MkII (Caldari), Iteron MkI (Gallente), Iteron MkII (Gallente), Iteron MkIII (Gallente), Iteron MkIV (Gallente), Iteron MkV (Gallente), Hoarder (Minmatar), Mammoth (Minmatar)
Caracal (Caldari), Blackbird (Caldari), Moa (Caldari), Maller (Amarr), Omen (Amarr), Thorax (Gallente), Vexor (Gallente), Rupture (Minmatar), Stabber (Minmatar)
Apocalypse (Amarr), Armageddon (Amarr), Scorpion (Caldari), Raven (Caldari), Megathron (Gallente), Tempest (Minmatar)

If you are interested in our product line (which can all be fitted with a choice loadout of equipment for the task of your choosing) then we urge you to visit us (details below) or to contact our Sales Manager, Doctor Angry on [email protected] or evemail "The Surgeon"

New Pilot Recruitment
At the British Space Corporation, we pride ourselves on our employee support packages, beginning with our mentoring system for new recruits, and escalating through to our reimbursement packages for those rare ellusive market finds.

As an ambitious company in the EVE Universe, we are a corporation of like-minded individuals, and all our employees are hand selected via interview. Please be aware, however, that former pirates or notorious outlaws and their ilk are not acceptable candidates for interview.

You can view our prospectus for potential new pilots at the following URL:

Political Affiliations
The British Space Corporation has long stood for an anti-piratical stance - and does not condone piracy or "privateering" in any fashion. We will not trade with, or deal with such outlaws in any fashion.

In the political arena, the BSC has its roots in Amarr Space and prior to the death of the late Heideran VII, was often associated with the Tash-Murkon House. The crowning of Doriam II has seen the BSC move into a new arena.

The British Space Corporation is a manufacturing corporation allied with the Curse Regional Alliance, and within it, the C4 Military Partnership.

Corporate Structure
The British Space Corporation consists of three main departments, each of which are split into sub-branches which perform specific roles in the corporation.

The Royal Communication Depatment (RCD) is charged with the recruitment of employees (Human Resources), the maintenance of our corporate image through corporate agents (Public Relations) and the formation of relationships with other corporations and empires (Diplomacy).

The Royal Industrial Department (RID) is the core of the BSC's operations. Consisting of Construction, Reseach & Development and Astrogeology sub-departments, it is this stalwart crew that turn out the corporations high-quality goods and starships.

The Royal Security Department (RSD) is in charge of the safety and welfare of the British Space Corporation in both friendly and hostile space. Comprised of both a Scout Wing (Rangers) and the BSC's Navy, they all equipped to highest British standards - ready to face any opponent.

For more information on our corporation, details can be found at:

Contacting Us
All are welcome to the BSC Forums - be it prospective employee, a pilot looking for a good deal on starships or a corporation looking for a profitable alliance - located at:

Alternatively, you are welcome to join our public in-game channel for a chat with current and prospective corporation members. Simply add "bsc_chat" to your NeoCom Channels list.

We hope to hear from you soon!


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