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Free2Play's just a grind-fest? Or is Larry onto something?

MajesticoMajestico Member UncommonPosts: 481

A bloke on an earlier thread posed the question; why are we paying money on subscriptions when there are so many free games out there.

I am sort of sitting on the fence on this one.  Mainly because every free2play game I have tried has been the same Asian-style, grindfest. 

As a gamer who prefers the lore and story of games such as WoW, EQ2, EVE, and recently LotR (to name but a few) I have never been a major fan of these go out kill some mobs, go to town, reqeat x 1,000.  Then I tried FFXI and L2, and although the premise is syill there (moreso with L2), a part of me welcomed the challenge.

So I gave these games another try, and I have to say foljs, that some of them are just as professional as the ones with subs.  Take Shaiya for example.  Now, if you ever played L2 and were thinking of going back, then you would be insane.  L2 as I recall had a very hefty sub charge, and this Shaiya game is just as beautiful, runs much smoother as there are no thousands of bots running about.

As well as my sub games, I still give Shaiya the odd hour or so as I am determined t get to Ultima mode (just wait til you hear about this!).

If anyone knows of any other free2play that are different from the normal grind-fest then please let me know.


  • fmaalexfmaalex Member UncommonPosts: 87

    The p2p fee eliminates leechers and kids who does nothing but whine all day and ask stupid questions on forums that could be answer if they would just read the stickies.


    That alone is worth the money

  • PyralisPyralis Member Posts: 25

    I agree with fmaalex, the communities in free to play games are always abysmal. If there was a free to play game that had age segmented servers I'd be game. Although there are plenty of mature people who are young, the majority just shit up any game they touch.Case in point: Anarchy Online had the best community of any MMORPG until they made it free.

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