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Graphics and MMOs

fischsemmelfischsemmel Member UncommonPosts: 364

Seems like I'm seeing a lot of people on the forums lately talking about how such and such game's graphics look so nice, or the screenshots look great, or the new trailer made them have to go change their pants. Quite a few people really seem to focus on graphics as a serious selling point to a game.


So, how much weight do you place on a new game's graphics?


Personally, I couldn't really care less. I will refuse to play a game if it hurts my eyes to look at it, but that's more of a style choice than a quality of graphics choice. Otherwise, graphics are the last thing I'm concerned with when evaluating a game.


  • gathgath Member Posts: 424

    Those are the graphics 'hoes'. They only care how good things look, not how good you can play with them.

    Normally, they also dont know mutch about computers/internet, and say obnoxious stuff like: "you lag? lol, buy a new computer, lol"


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  • ItzcoliuhquiItzcoliuhqui Member Posts: 94

    Graphics can be a deterrent, either by being too dated or because I don't like the art style. I'd be lying if I say I don't care about graphics. However, I won't buy a game because it has pretty shinies.

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  • daarcodaarco Member UncommonPosts: 4,275

    I just want a good game i can play for a few years, and as long it have a natural modern graphic.....im happy.

    I could say that the SWG have a decent graphic for me.

  • katriellkatriell Member UncommonPosts: 977

    "They matter, but bad ones won't keep me from playing a game I like."

    I appreciate eye candy quite a bit, being a website designer with a picky aesthetic sense. But if I don't like the game mechanics, the graphics are moot no matter how good they are. Conversely, I can play a game with mediocre graphics (my standard of "mediocre" supposedly equates to others' standard of "terrible") and desirable mechanics, and end up subconsciously blinding myself to most of the graphical flaws.

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  • GuintuGuintu Member UncommonPosts: 318

    Graphics are somewhat important.  An MMO's graphics doesn't have to be as good as a single player FPS graphics has to be.  They just have to be decent (WoW, Rohan...even Shadow of Legend is ok), but I won't play games with bad graphics (Runescape, Maple Story).  Interface and game play is more important, I've seen games with good graphics but really bad game play or just lack of decent content (SWG, SRO). 

    MMORPG graphics will always be behind single player FPS games because of the amount of power and bandwith it takes to not only send the textures over todays broadband network, but also the amount of people that play the games.  Conan looks good but its graphics aren't as good as Half-Life 2 or Crysis.


  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    I asked a similar question when I coded the MMORPG Finder. So, I kept track of the now over 6000 MMORPG searches. HOw many players searched based on Graphics as their first choice...It came in at 4th.

    Look HERE to see the graphs

    NOw, Im not going to get into the statistical debate in regards to the validity again (That post is about 3 pages back). But in the end, graphics are not the most important to players...gameplay is. Makes sense to me

  • TatumTatum Member Posts: 1,153


    Id prefer to see an MMO with dated graphics, if it means the game itself will have lots of depth and great mechanics.  To me, art style is more important than having high end graphics.  WOW took the right approach in this area, however, I cant stand their art style.

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