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need some help making a decision

jpowelljpowell Member Posts: 5


I am stuck with a decision to make and would like some input from others who have more experience in the games I am contemplating.


The games I am considering investing in are LOTRO or WoW.


Love Vault/ Bank storage in games and shared storage between characters.


Love to craft useful items but hate having to make 25 pieces of item x to get to the next level. I would prefer making 1 item of each recipe for the level to get to the next level.


Don’t mind killing level x creatures repeatedly for experience but don’t want to have only 3 creature types of the appropriate level to kill.


Love doing quests but don’t want to go from 1-2 levels below my level quests to none available that aren’t 3-5 levels above me.


Love quest progression thru a game.


Community is everything and nothing: Don’t want to play a game where community/ grouping or forced or the players for the most part are rude or inconsiderate. Want a game that is solo/ duo friendly with a community that if you are in need of help you can feel free to ask for it without fear of flaming, outright rudeness, or at best being ignored.

Thank you all for your input


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