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LeucentLeucent Member Posts: 2,371

Hi just a question. I have a friend thinking about playing and he has never had an account. I can t remember how the setting up account works when you still have 30 days free. If he starts today would he get 2 days fee then be charged in may already or does it pro rate or how does it work lol. In otherwords should he wait till the 1st to start up the free month?


  • SatimasuSatimasu Member UncommonPosts: 900

    It's a full 30 days. It might prorate or something like that after. I do know though that it's a full 30 days from the date you start.

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  • LeucentLeucent Member Posts: 2,371

    cool ty thats good to know

  • curiindicuriindi Member Posts: 488

    I think this is how it works:

    Say you start your trial period on April 20, you get your 30 days free to May 19.

    You will get billed in the beginning of June for the normal monthly rate plus what is equal to 12 days between May 20 and May 31 (about 5 dollars more).

    Hope this helps!

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