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LF an MMO with a summoner *read inside*

ImunetodeathImunetodeath Member Posts: 1

I have been looking for mmo's with summoners. But there are a coupe games I have an exception. The games I have tried with summoners are:


Guild Wars

Please if you know any list them here.


  • Nightbringe1Nightbringe1 Member UncommonPosts: 1,335

    Everquest: Magicians, summon an assortment of pets, clickies, and other players

    City of Villians: Mastermainds, summon a small army of undead, ninjas, thugs, mercenaries, or robots

    Everquest II: Conjurer, EQII's take on the magician from EQI


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  • mylin1mylin1 Member Posts: 138

    Everquest 2 Conjurors and necromancers use pets to do most of their damage. They can also summon shards/hearts that players can use to transfer hitpoints into power.  Later on Conjurors get to summon group companions to them - very handy when deep in a dungeon, and necromancers get to resurect dead group members.

    unlike the magicians of eq1 they cannot summon magical items, weapons etc


    Conjurors are good only and summon elementals (fire, earth, water, air)

    Necromancers are evil only and summon dead things (skeletons, zombies, wraiths etc)



  • AhnilatorAhnilator Member UncommonPosts: 81

    ArchLord - The moon elf elementalist can summon stuff to battle by their side. You must be a girl (In-game) to play it, thought. Dunno if it's okay for you... It doesn't matter for me. :P

    Yeah I know, it's a grindfest but it's free.


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