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MMO that is not raid heavy?

dialdfordesidialdfordesi Member Posts: 1

Hi everyone

I've been playing WoW for a while and I realized that raiding is not my thing.  It's radically different from levels 1-69, which required substantially less of an investment in time.  I enjoy the PvP aspects of WoW because it's less demanding, and as a student that goes till 5pm on most days, I can't afford to raid enough to enjoy all that WoW has to offer.


I guess what I'm asking is this:  what games are available in which I don't need to invest a huge amount of time all at once in order to enjoy all that the game has?  I can't play for like four hours in one sitting but I can do something like 2 hours 3 days a week.

Even if there are no MMOs like this, thanks for your help, guys!


  • zawadizawadi Member UncommonPosts: 6



    i'm looking for the same game. I quit Warcraft because there was no fun left in that game.

  • KilmarKilmar Member UncommonPosts: 844

    A half year ago I'd have say EQ2, but actually with the wow expension Kunark there are only raids and group instances left, no one is doing the open dungeons or open world anymore.

  • miconamicona Member UncommonPosts: 677

    Raiding in EQ2 dont take that much time like in wow , guilds in wow demand sometimes that you be free 4 to 5 times a week to raid , basically having no life beside wow .

    give eq2 a spin most raids are much shorter than wow and guild are way more flexable, i played both some quite some time to judge this.

  • phatpeteyphatpetey Member Posts: 323


    I would say LOTRO. It's a solo-friendly game, and I don't think Raid have to be made. So you can just go on your own and kill some mobs here and craft some items there. Great game and it really looks like something for you. You can also give EQ2 a try. And there are some good F2P mmorpg's that don't require heavy raiding!

    Hope you can find your MMORPG.


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