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Coming Back?

ParameterParameter Member Posts: 56

So, I've been thinking about coming back now for a few months.  I don't have alot of time to play anymore, but I thought "Hey, maybe reactivate it, get on an hour a day and at least train some skills up." 

In theory, it sounds like a decent idea.  But, in reality, will I continue playing when I have more time, or will I just have wasted my money on a game I may or may not ever play seriously again?  EVE used to be my bread and butter, loved it to death.  After the developer misconduct and some other small incidents, Im not sure I want to pursue it again.

This post will undoubtedly get flamed, but, hopefully amidst all the immaturity on these boards lately maybe I can get one honest opinion on whether EVE is worth coming back to. 


  • kovahkovah Member UncommonPosts: 695

    Still got your char in Evemon?  If so, play around with a few plans to maximize your time back.  Set a 30 day goal.  If you reach that goal and are still excited in 30 days then keep on paying.  If not, set the longest skill you have and cancel.

    Next time ya come back (resistance is futile imo) you'll have at least one nice long skill outta the way.  I've been tempted to resub just to do something similar with no real plans to play past 30 days just so I can spend $15 to set the f'ing 39 day Battleship V in motion...  :p

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