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What a suprise

McwallenMcwallen Member UncommonPosts: 70

Yea, I know, my suggestions probably a very common one but crafting skills would be nice to break up the tedium and bore of grinding once in awhile. Even if you cant make any serious strong stuff, at least make it as a way for players to take a break from grinding to due some other money making venture.



  • tikboitikboi Member Posts: 243

    almost all MMORPGs have this feature, and silkroad failed to do this. theres no more time for complications and development. which is a shame.

  • Player_420Player_420 Member Posts: 686

    umm shadowbane has one of the most interesting crafting and building systems in any MMORPG


    IF you lead a guild, and started a city, or were a high ranking member of a guild you would understand.

    The NPC craftsmen in player cities have their own levels and tiers, races and skills.

    There are guild controlled mines, which produce resources.

    With these materials you use the NPC to create armor, weapons, magic items ect.

    The BEST OF THE BEST items in the game are actually crafted this way

    I play all ghame

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