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Any Good?

Ive been looking for a new game to play. I played ToP when it was in Beta and thought it was decent but didnt really get into it. So is it a good game? Does it have a lot of weapons/armours, is the gameplay good, is the map pretty big, those sort of things. Somone please help, thanks.



  • icedfoxicedfox Member Posts: 9

    They say it's in it's final production, but HDW is in version 1.38 whereas ToP is in 1.37. There are still many bugs and glitches, and alot needs to be improved. I don't agree with the "beta over" news and ToP being released. But there is a story, with quests and such, but the quality of the story isn't always promising. There are many weapons, gems and attributes, and the item mall apparel add up as a bonus

  • gavinxxxgavinxxx Member Posts: 44

    im a player of ToP since January..

    the game is great.. full of surprises and full of activities,, -ingame and forum..


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