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Questions from a potential new player

Sieges111Sieges111 Member Posts: 120
  1. Is there player owned housing?
  2. I read that your avatar ages, does that mean you will eventually die of old age and need to start over?
  3. Can you own pets? Do they need to eat?
  4. Does your character have to eat to live (aside from potions and food to recover HP in battles)?
  5. Do items have durability and break? Can they be repaired if they break?
  6. It looks like there are no character class restrictions. Can you be everything you want to be in this game?
  7. Is it possible to gimp your character build? If so, can you reset it without starting over?

I'm sure I will think of more questions, but this is a start.


  • MetaniteMetanite Member Posts: 3

    1. Yes, but not right now.*

    2. No, I think your character caps at a certain age maybe 70 or something like that. and for $10 you can start back over anyways

    3. Yes there will be pets, and I don't know if you have to feed them. *

    4. No, but you need to eat to increase your stam max back to full, (ex. I usually have my person starving to death, I have 50 Stam as max, if my food level goes down to 50% I have 50% of my Max Stam thus making it 25 max until I eat food, or resting gets it past the cap but it doesn't recover)

    5. Yes items have durability but they don't nessissarily break, they are just temporily unavailble until they are fixed by the blacksmith.

    6. Yup, if you so wish you can be anything you want, like a fighter that uses magic or an archer that makes soup or a tailor or a bard or so on and so forth

    7. Yup, you can gimp yourself by putting all your AP into skills you never use like tailoring and such thus making you weaker, and I think there is a set card but I'm not sure... and if you just say screw it, I'll lvl 18 anyways you can just delete your char, log out, log in and you can recreate yourself and hopefully don't screw up again

    *Note: Mabinogi NA is only in G1 it still has alot on the way in terms of gameplay.

  • CleffyIICleffyII Member Posts: 3,440

    If you gimp yourself.  Don't bother rerolling.  I made that mistake, it doesn't make an impact.  What you do is you use a rebirth,  that way you restart at 1 but retain all your skills.  All skills become useful even if they aren't at that given moment.


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