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Don't bother DLing this...

RasereiRaserei Member UncommonPosts: 1,123

This is a good game BUT its unplayable because ALL areas with monsters have bots that auto shoot there crossbow or spell so you cant kil ANYTHING. This is not a lie. IF you dont believe me, go DL it and see for yourself. Unplayable game. Would be good if there werent hackers.


  • xxschlitzxxxxschlitzxx Member Posts: 11

    One of the biggest complaints of this game is what your talking about. Its called koxp) its designed hack to allow players to micro there way through the lvls.  This is a great game but k2 is one of the worst hosts I have ever seen which finally brought me to quit.  Customer service is almost non existant. 

       I think what really drives the main problem with the game is the lack of control of the underground (meaning people buyin and selling items for usd$) Obviously k2 doesnt support this but it very common way and sometimes only way to obtain thte best gear.  Because this has become such a huge issue for k2 they really have no tolerance so if your a legit player and have a legit problem you might as well just caught your losses and move onl.

  • LirananLiranan Member Posts: 126

    Do not under any circumstance pay K2 for anything. They are thieves who will gladly take your money but give you nothing for it in return. You will get no customer support, no GM will help you and if you write to them asking anything you will be lucky if you hear anything from them ever.


    K2 should be shut down with the managers shot.

  • tikboitikboi Member Posts: 243

    wow, just like what happened to ROSE online.

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