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Brotherhood of Militia is recruiting

JipsterJipster Member Posts: 23

BOMB corp is a friendly collective of old farts/pilots of all skill levels, with a motto to treat all of it's members with respect and to allow them the freedom to develop their careers the way they want be it a fighter, miner or agent runner.

New pilots are welcome to join in on group mining events, and participants are given an equal share of the output whether they haul or mine. We have members with maximum refining & production skills and an ever increasing collection of Blueprints to help you get into the ship of your choice as fast as possible.

Our most experienced pilots have been playing since retail and our rookie pilot training program will help you advance rapidly as you draw on their experience, or read through our library of information on the Corp forums. We can advise on skill trees, ship setups, minining efficiency and other useful advice like not piloting a ship when drunk or falling asleep at the helm unless you really want a new ship.

If you have any questions or think that BOMB could be the Corp for you then post here or message me in game ::::20::


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