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The end of Shadowbane

ghoul31ghoul31 Member Posts: 1,955

The Asians crashed the game by use a hack program

Now people are saying that Ubisoft, who runs Shadowbane , may put an end to the game

This is because they not only crashed Shadowbane, but crashed Ubisoft's entire network. So they may put an end to the game to protect the network.



  • sidfusidfu Member Posts: 170


    wow sounds like they realy got crappy network protection then

  • Game servers are up, as are patch servers, just the Login server is down.  No need for useless speculation.  My toon is still in-game, free rune time ... muahahahahaaa....

  • RakujiRakuji Member UncommonPosts: 144

    Precur you are still in game? If the asians crashed anything it was probably the login servers. If people in game are still able to play without being booted. And where did you get your information from?

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  • jdkskipjdkskip Member UncommonPosts: 120

    I'll confirm that it is just the log in server that is down. I was logging on to a second account and could log it on, but I was not kicked from my main account.

  • PhantomGunPhantomGun Member Posts: 18

     Aw dang I just found out about the restart today and I was going to come back. Is the game still messed up? I didn't see any news about this on the Ubisoft website, or the shadowbane website.

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  • RamsieRamsie Member Posts: 51

    Ubisoft did post about some network outtage, but it seems to have been resolved now.

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