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RF Online Quistion!

soapyysoapyy Member Posts: 10

Umm do you have 2 pay money to play this game i have it installed But when i wenmt to register it said at the bottem a card with a activation code will be sent and im kinda confused Please Help :]



  • sanglant1487sanglant1487 Member Posts: 10

    I ran into this same problem at first, but they do have a key generator on their site, which i dont have the link off hand , but then i stumbled upon a link that directed me right to their key generator. So.. the game is free.. this is the first f2p mmo i have gotten into, and ive tried almost everyone i think.. so i do recommend it.. so you should be able to find it somewhere on their site

  • soapyysoapyy Member Posts: 10

    So... You Guys Say To Check My E Mail For a Code Or something.?


  • sanglant1487sanglant1487 Member Posts: 10

    that is just to activate your master account with them, but in order to play you have to find the link on their site that takes you to the key generator... then from there you get your key, then go to your account and add that key to your account in order to play RF.


    Here ya Go.. found the link for you

   ---- Ignore the fact that it says trial...


    Hope this helps

     Oh, and the first page is just their ad, like they have on their main site, just click on the bottom right hand side of the screen, "continue to community"

  • zalvajezalvaje Member Posts: 38

    yeah you have to pay this game.... what country you from???

  • Ratboy51Ratboy51 Member Posts: 29

    Yes, the game is Free To Play. I only played it for a day or two so that's all I know about it.

    Epic awesome me

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