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Importaint things you look for a in a F2P game

MunkiMunki Member CommonPosts: 2,128

These questions are mostly geared towards People who play F2P mmorpgs or games that are kept afloat by cash shops/item malls/micro transactions.

What is more likely to get you excited about a F2P game. Graphics? Content? Social?

I notice many of the free games tend to be asian games which are generally less content, more graphics and social. Dofus has done really well, with is artistic style and strong amounts of content.

I want to see just a snip of what players look for when they are chosing between F2P mmorpgs as it is generally much different from what people look for in a P2P games.

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  • katriellkatriell Member UncommonPosts: 989

    Unique features and themes. Which is why the only F2P MMOs I've found even moderately interesting are Project Torque and Mabinogi.

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  • SetsueiSetsuei Member UncommonPosts: 10

    I look for the more anime teenish graphics, no repetition as in the builds for chars, I dislike seeing classes that have to only bumps the same stat.

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