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This Game is Surprisingly Fun

SpikeXSpikeX Member UncommonPosts: 76

You guys are going to think I'm crazy but I actually really enjoy playing Redstone.  All I can really say is it is alot of fun to me personally.  If you're bored and looking for a new game...give it a try.  I've been playing MMO's for over 11 years and I've tried almost all of them.  I was expecting to delete this one after 10 minutes but now I've put at least 50 hours into it....surprising.


  • thorwoodthorwood Member Posts: 485

    I am currently enjoying this game too.

    All the basics (quests, dungeons, guilds) are in game.

    Guilds gain levels as individual members earn experience.  As your guild levels, you will get bonuses to your attributes, skills and resists that will make your toon stronger. 

    While the game is free to play, after you have played a couple of weeks, you really need to buy an orb.  The best orb costs $10.00 per month and can be used by all toons on your account.  The orb gives an xp bonuse, free use of portals between cities, the ability to portal to the last city that you visited, and the ability to save your current position so that you can then portal to that position at any time.  You can only save one location as saving your current position replaces the previously saved position.

    The graphics are old.  Reminds of  old Diablo graphics.

    Movement is left click to move.  It is also a "dumb" click and move in that you only  move in a straight line and any obstacles in your path will stop movement. For click to move games, I prefer Sword of the New World smart version that automatically moves around any obstacles in your path.

    As english version off the game is new, the english player written guides and cookie cutter builds are in the early stages.  For some classes you really have to work out your own build.

    My highest toon is currently level 101.  Leveling is becoming more of grind as it now takes about 1,000 kills of monsters my level to gain a level.  The number of kills needed was much lower when I was a lower level.  I gain about 100 skill points at regular intervals during the time it takes to gain a level, and this makes it seem less of a grind as you are still makiing progress.

    There is no cookie cutter build for my toon's class, so I probably do not have the best build.  Some of the skills I put points into are not effective at my level.  My toon  has low dps at its current level so other classes may be leveling quicker. I have been playing solo, so my gear is very average.  I plan to do a 'reskill' and reinvest my skill points when I have a better feel for how my skills work in practice.

    If the current trend of increasing grind as you level continues, I will move to another game.

    Overall, the games is reasonably bug freee.  The worst bug leads to disconnects and can be fixed by turning off sound effects.  Some of the english translations still need some fine tuning.

    This game is worth trying and has hours of fun before you reach levels where it becomes a grind.

  • Shenlong200xShenlong200x Member Posts: 7

    I wish to say something about the concept of 'increasing grind as you level'...

    It's called a Experience system.

    You get the same amound of experience, but you have to earn more points to get the same amount of levels.

    Personally, I find Red Stone to be a surprisingly good game, especially since the new game mechanics are, shockingly, actually new, and what bugs there are you can cope with easily.

    Anyone who moans about the graphics...

    Hey, If graphics were everything, the Wii, GBA and NDS would have ended up in the bargain bin months ago.

    The console with the best graphics ever is currently struggling to make it's money.

    Anyone who moans about the levelling...

    Stop levelling in the lower level areas...

    And grind happens in all games.

    Anyone who moans about customization...

    Yeah, You've got a point, but it's only a mild bugbear, and at least they aren't forcing you to buy customization tickets from a item shop.

    It's not the best game, but it's far from the worst.

    Waste a few months with it. It'll be worth it.

  • MikeTheSaintMikeTheSaint Member Posts: 74
    Originally posted by Shenlong200x

    Waste a few months with it. It'll be worth it.


    Yeah I did just that last year. I needed something that would run on a low spec machine and this did fine, ended up playing for over 6 months.

    Got one character up to lvl 180 something but I don't use the item mall and it became a bit of a chore. The grind does get interrupted as theres a "Secret Dungeon" you can do twice a day and at certain levels you can really cash in on these. Unfortunatly a few of them arent worth doing and finding a party sometimes takes a while. Still the ones worth doing are worth doing well.

    Guild and Point wars were good fun, but overcrowded areas and kill stealers were less fun.  Without the xp orb you'll get left behind compared to those who bought 'em, but it did mean there were always high rollers on my friends list to squash the kill stealers.

    I'm going to play fallout 2 now. I love that game, and its 2d graphics.

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